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Common beliefs and myths about marriage appears in different ways to different people. While some are based on personal beliefs, others are surrounded by ethical and cultural norms. Other misconceptions might result from the “things people say” kind of ideas, which they had taken to be the truth. Below are widely beliefs and idea about marriage which are false.

Common Marriage Myths

Marriage Myth 7: You must achieve financial stability to qualify

Another common and popular myth about marriage is when you think you must have everything in place. You must strive hard to achieve virtually everything needed to keep a marriage running because there wouldn’t be time for that anymore when you finally tie the knot. You attention would be shifted to your spouse. When kids got involved, you are at a dead-end, and you should not think of any more achievements. Ok, I grew to understand a popular man in my neighbourhood way back, who always say “the possibility of having everything in life is Zero”. Then I was also told, that the richest man in the world still pushing all his energy into making more money. How is that? – Simple. Basically, the concept of achieving everything is an impossible one, and there is no such thing as your present status not being able to sustain a family. Is staying single ever going to change your financial predicament?

Marriage Myth 6: Your spouse knows what you want & need without being told

Jack Canfield stated in an article about asking for the things you want to really get it. In his words, “There is only one way to get what you want – Ask”. The importance of communicating our needs in marriage, is to ensure we are being heard, and make sure necessary steps are taken to meet our demands. Since your spouse is yet to declare being a magician who reads mind, it is important to ignore that which states your other half will know what you want, or understand what you are going through. One of the things that kill marriages is when a partner expects the other to figure out on their own what they had done wrong. Marriage goes with both partner’s ability to express their feelings freely and honestly.

More on the popular myths about marriage…

Marriage Myth 5: Children strengthens the bond between partners

Lori was of the fact that children brings couples closer. That is true but does not have to be the introduction of kids to settlement of marriage disputes. According to her, If you have a rocky relationship, a baby will not magically repair the relationship. Children do not cause relationship cracks and problem either, but other factors such as stress from work, travel and parent interference. But having kids also, might spark some hidden flames in relationships. We are bound to have different patterns, approaches and style of parenting. One might decide what is best for the kids, while the other may disagree. A couple may attack the other in situations when their kid picked a favourite parent. Every now and then, the kid runs to one for comfort, and the other might feel sidelined. Kids strengthens the bond between partners who allow their inner feelings to control their relationship, while introducing the habit of learning from each other, and creating a supporting atmosphere to embrace facts build upon a collective decision to keep marriage safe…and safe.

Marriage Myth 4: Perfect partner means happy home

But the question is if there is such thing as a perfect partner. Having one or two shortcomings is what makes human, and revealing our imperfections is just as normal as what we term it to be. Would you rather wait to meet the “perfect partner” and battle with a myth so unsure, or take the imperfect one and re-shape them the way you want them to be?

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