Things To Stop Doing When You Turn 25

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How To Build Confidence Within 24 Hours

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8 Meals That Can Be Prepared Without Tomatoes

It is very interesting to know that several other recipes without tomato exist; while still retaining similar quality a "tomato-meal" entails. This … [Read more...]

7 Simple Things Smart Women Do To Keep Their Marriages Strong

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Shocking Secrets Women Don’t Want You To Know About Them

I need all the men to form a straight line. Only the real men please I bring you a list of shocking secrets about women, which they don't want you to … [Read more...]

How To Give Your Wife A 5-Minute Happy Moment Everyday

A home full of fun and exciting moment is considered a happy home, and there are several strategies to building one. A vital part is one that requires … [Read more...]

11 Unforgettable Moments In Secondary School You Wish Never Happened

There are moments in our lives we wished could be brought back into the present. The kind of moments spent in secondary schools in Nigeria especially … [Read more...]

How To Become A Great Cook In One Month

Knowing how to become a great cook has a lot of advantages in the real sense. Before now, you probably like to eat out and consider that a great fun. … [Read more...]

9 Top Dirty Habits That Will End Your Marriage

Marriage can be sweet, wonderful and have great fun if shared with the right partner, and when precautions are taken to avoid some weird habits that … [Read more...]

10 Things Every Woman Should Know Before Getting Married To The Man Of Their Dream

What are the things a woman must know before getting married? What are the basic things she must do before walking down the aisle with a Mr. Right? So … [Read more...]

Raised By Nigerian Parents? Here Are Situations You Can Relate With

Growing up in Nigeria is fun. Raised by Nigerian parents is even superb, as you are not even sure what happens the next moment after being pat at the … [Read more...]

Woman’s Duty To Her Husband And The Home – An Exclusive Analysis

Women of today needs clarifications of a woman's duty to her husbands, their major roles in the home, and marriage as a whole. The level of … [Read more...]

7 Popular Myths About Marriage

Common beliefs and myths about marriage appears in different ways to different people. While some are based on personal beliefs, others are surrounded … [Read more...]

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Awakening A Passion In Your Life

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Benefits of Eating Together As A Family

Aside the regular phone drama where couples check on each other, lies the important benefits of eating together as a family. This goes beyond the idea … [Read more...]

How To Get Your Baby To Sleep All Night

For children below the age of 5 in most cases, have sleeping problem. How to get your baby to sleep all night without you having to check on him … [Read more...]

Stupid Comments People Make To Pregnant Women

People say a lot of stupid things to pregnant women; especially in this part of the world where I came from. Comments which were supposed to be for … [Read more...]

How To Raise A Compassionate Child – The Complete Guide

In raising a compassionate child, you have a mental  picture of how you would have preferred her being a loving, kind and sympathetic grown up. … [Read more...]

Things My Little Boy Must Know Before Having A Girlfriend

I decided to make a list of the things to know before having a girlfriend for my son. In few months time, I should throw a birthday party for him; … [Read more...]

11 Things I Wish My Dad Had Taught Me About Life

We all have this great pictures of our dads irrespective of their status and location at the moment. I reach out to those who never had the chance to … [Read more...]