parenting mistakes 2Raising a baby to your own taste can be tricky and tough at the same time even though there are lots of existing advice online on how to raise your baby the perfect way. When it comes to avoiding common parenting mistakes, there is no exact manual to follow. Each baby is different and the resources available in each environment to attain the level of perfect parenting vary.

I have gathered 12 among the other common biggest parenting mistakes that mom with newborn babies make without even realising it.

Thinking Daddies got no roles to play

Daddy’s bond is very important as much as yours. His voice and touches are quite different from yours, and there is need to make your newborn adapt to both. Most importantly, you should ensure he is able to spot the difference between your voice and your husbands’. This is to help your baby get used to someone other than you. Leave Dad and the baby alone for some time so they can create some natural father and baby bond. The beginning might be hard but there are easy tips to help you realise this in time. For example – While you are busy with other things at home, leave the baby with daddy to achieve your aim. Make sure your baby doesn’t hear or see you even though you stay nearly. Sometimes, you might need to ignore his cries and let daddy calm him down his own way. What this implies is simply to help your baby realise that there is more than one person who can give him comfort. Have daddy read and talk to him; bath and take him to bed.

Ignoring your baby

Anxiety and insecurity can easily be developed in babies when you ignore their cries; probably in the middle of the night. It is quite understandable if you want to leave your new born baby to see if he gets back to sleep after some times. However, if your baby persists with the cry, this only means he genuinely requires your attention. I’m of the idea that you can also delay their food when it comes to feeding to get him accustomed to your sleeping time and schedules (not on their demand though), but it is generally not advisable to ignore your baby if he cries continuously.

Keeping quiet while babies sleep

Most people don’t know this, but the womb itself is loud enough and newborns are already adapted to the noise. You don’t have to do everything quietly in the house because your newborn baby is asleep. Feel free to watch the TV in its usual moderate volume, talk to others in the room and play as usual. They got used to sleeping with noise before now, so your new approach won’t make a difference.

Continuous Crying Does Not Mean They Want to Eat or Sleep

Babies cry when they feel insecure in the arms of someone they are not used to. They also cry when they feel changes in their usual environment. Most time, all they require from you is a continuous patting at the back with a rhythm. This helps them relax and burp more quickly. Sometimes, you may want to try some moves; swaddling, swinging etc., along with your rhythm.

Allowing people kiss your baby

You have an adorable baby and you love how the society welcomes his arrival. The things you go through for nine months to bring your baby to the world can be explained to you alone. This is why you must ensure your baby safety first before other thing. Ultimately, you know how difficult it is to see people you love and resist the temptation of giving them a warm hug and a peck. Babies need such affections too, but there are numerous illness that can easily be transmitted through to little babies due to their underdeveloped immune system.

Smoking around your baby

As much as this is self-explanatory, I have to emphasise on the fact of getting your baby away from this habit. It is your personal decision to want to have a good smoke every now and then, but you need to think of its hard effect on your newborn. Cigarette smoke contains a lot of chemicals which are toxic – see proofs here. It is easier for your baby to accumulate these toxins in their bloodstream since they have a weak body.

Not Remembering To Burp Your Baby

During feeding, babies often take in a lot of air. What this mean is that little bubble of air get stored in her stomach which often make her uncomfortable and grizzly. By burping, you help your baby free up her stomach from the unwanted air. Burping can also help your baby if she often vomits milk after feeding.

Watch below Heidi Murkuff’s video below to better understand how to burp your baby effectively

Not changing a Diaper in time

One of the biggest mistakes moms with newborn make is to wait too long before changing their baby diaper when required. Don’t fake it, getting up in the middle of the night to get this done is difficult, but waiting too long can equally lead to painful rashes and other urinary tract infections. You may have to wait till your baby request for a change if it happens to be in the middle of the night, but you should ideally change her diaper in every two or three hour’s interval to be on a safer side with your baby.

Keeping your baby head in one position during sleep

Every newborn baby does not have full control of their neck and head in the first six month. They may be unable to move their head around in the middle of the night without requesting assistance. In this regards, you may need to help her switch around the position of her head, preferably after each meal of the day.

Keeping your newborn baby indoor all day

Hopefully, it is not what you think. I am definitely not about to tell you to get your newborn baby to a crowded place where she’s prone to contacting unexpected infections. I’ll rather implore you to embrace the fact that your baby needs a good amount of fresh air in the very first few months of his arrival. If not for some certain cultures which made it mandatory to keep the baby indoor for certain number of days before bringing to the public, you might need to consider taking him on a good, long walk. This is healthy for the baby, and you will also get to exercise yourself as well.

Not feeding on demand but on personal schedule

In this part of the world, some moms do the 5 hour feeding interval for babies, and ensure their newborn get adapted to it, forcefully most time. Sure thing, you just don’t have to go entirely rigid about training your little one to blend to your personal timing. Consider feeding your newborn every two to three hours. Sometimes, he wants it earlier or later – just get it done! Babies are all about sleeping, playing and getting hungry. Simply put – best way to go is to feed your baby ON DEMAND.

No teeth – brushing not required

Not brushing a newborn is also one of the popular parenting mistakes to avoid. Capitalising on the idea that your baby is not chewing anything yet does not mean his oral care part should equally be ignored. You will find out that the risks of exposing your newborn to teething pain is drastically reduced or finally eradicated if you clean your baby gum with a moist piece of cloth gently and regularly.

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