The stone that was once rejected by the builders can always become the chief cornerstone.

Alot of times when good thing is about to happen, we complain bitterly; running helter skelter for possible solutions. It is understandable that you don’t want to face intimidations and rejections in life, but it appears these are basic route that has to be followed to hit the limelight in most situations.

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Who is Pogba?

paul pogba manchester unitedPaul Pagba; a footballer born in France. A young man of about 23, who was frustrated out between the year 1999-2012 by his club; Manchester United. Just few years later, he fought his way to compete with the highest signing Bosses in the history of football.

Pogba’s professional career almost ended in his formal club, when his Manager would prefer keeping him on the bench. He was later sold to another club; more or less like a free gift. Like a friend of mine would say; the amount Pogba was sold is similar to what I give my kid to school everyday. I believe that must have being an overstatement just like you do.

But few years after, the tide turned for good and his story changed. If you want to talk about his achievements at this moment, Pogba would be mentioned among those who elevated his present club to claiming several titles. Not to mention his Wikipedia profile that was speedily updated. That’s goodness!

The Shocking part

Meanwhile, the above was meant to give you a glimpse on who this wonderful character was. The astonishing gist however, is one which reveals how his formal club’s anticipation to getting him back. They finally did. Manchester United agreed to pay the highest ever signing in the history of football to have their once rejected man back. Could it be that the rejected stone is the most required item to get the house built?

The bone of contention

So, what’s this all about? You want to attain a greater height. If you had your chances, you would grab every opportunity to making it to the greatest. Your willingness to endure and make sacrifices is what makes you a winner.

One more thing to put in mind is your readiness to work your way up to your dream. You don’t sit and expect goodness. That has never work for me, not even for anyone I know either. Don’t be scared of difficult moment. They are meant to come, stay and fizzle out after a while. These period is the most important part of every successful individual. Failures, rejections and difficult moment gives you something to learn about. This “something” makes you strong and pushed you to fight harder.

Success is not only measured by how much you’ve accomplished. It is also determined by how much you’ve overcame.

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