phones for kids 3I was prompted to write about the appropriate time to get phones for kids after I came across some viral pictures on social media some days ago. I took some time off to personally trace the profile of these teenage girls and behold; these children are barely 14 years of age. I got to find out their real age in one of the final school result uploaded by one where her date of birth was stated.

How did they have access to the smart phone used in taking these shots? Who bought the smart phone for them? How did social media accept their registration in the first place?

I never spent much time to figure an answer for the last query which bothers me for a while. Apparently, it was easier to manipulate their age above 18 in order to scale through the age limit barrier for their Facebook registration, so we really don’t have enough evidence to trap Mark, right?

It was the sight of these kids that got me thinking what the appropriate age to give a child a smart phone is. I also noticed the comments that rolled under their upload, and I was forced to reply a pedophile who actually thinks “they’ve got a great backside which must equally be good on bed” according to him. As jobless as I am (at least for that day), I took a shot to his profile and realized he’s got a family – 48 years old faggot! How on earth did I end up in this generation?

Months ago, I got talking with a father who claimed to have a very good reason for his 8-year-old son to maintain a phone, and maybe he was right because he has a tracking device installed on the smart phone. That actually got me for a moment though, but not until I realized there is other numerous phone software in this digital age, built specifically for the purpose of hiding a phone’s visibility. How about that?

This opens up for a lot of questions:

  • When is the right time to buy phones for kids?
  • What is the necessity of getting a smart phone for kids?
  • What is the acceptable age for a child to own a mobile phone?
  • Why does a child need a mobile phone?

I was compiling this post when I saw another kid with a cell phone. She was only eight according to her – This is just interesting. But personally, I have not been able to figure out one tangible reason why a child of that age needs a mobile phone.

Most schools now ban the use of mobile phones; others prohibiting students to operate while lectures are on, but we all understand what our kids are capable of doing. These kids will definitely violate any rules – especially one of this kind.

In contrary to how your perspectives may have concluded, I definitely want my kids to have their own phones when their age is in double figures. Just anything beyond 10 seems perfect.

Parenting is never a child’s play – so you have been told. Once I get a Smartphone for my 12year old son, his younger one will definitely want one too, a neighbour has said.

Over to you now – Do your kids have smart phones of their own? If yes, how old are your kids and when did you allow them to have one?

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