Our slay queens are here again on Facebook, as majority are done with their WASSCE exams now. Social medias has accommodated a lot of things which includes several annoying posts especially from ladies.

We understand it’s all about competing for more likes and comments, but decency should be allowed to play its part. Looking for photo pose ideas for women? Check out 6 most popularly annoying picture pose by ladies on social medias.

1. Tongued-out

photo pose ideas for women 5

As a matter of fact, I know few species of dogs; rottweiler, bull dogs, bolognese, chow chow and many others. Tongued-out pose is annoying really. The first thing that comes into mind when one appears on our timeline, is to first confirm if these were really humans. Meanwhile, Leon has this to say about people who stick out their tongues and their possible meanings.

2. Kwashiorkor pose

photo pose ideas for women

Girls are really making it difficult for experts and doctors to figure out proper prescriptions to tackle some ailment. You were just thinking how to treat malaria for a patient and someone suddenly posed on your timeline – like this ⬆⬆⬆

3. Not my real face

photo pose ideas

When Emma stormed our timeline with the #notmyrealface comedy, her intentions and that of Mark was to create humour only. Being what they are known for, comedy – which was only a trend at that moment. But when our ladies continually strike this pose, I be like, Eww, this is definitely not you.

4. Swollen-cheek

Christmas comes once in a year. Being a popular celebration that requires both young and hold to “blow” a balloon. Aside this, and any other celebration, why must you pose like this na.

5. Sore-lips

photo pose for women

Huh! I had to take a second look. This particular one trends alot, and we don’t know the motive behind squeezing lips for a Facebook post. We are so tired.

6. Cleavage

cleavage: photo pose ideas for women

Showing us your cleavages is not ideal as most of us are married with children, and we refused to be corrupted. We’ve had enough to watch from the cinemas and on TVs already!

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