10 Most Annoying Questions People Ask Twins, Triplets


Being a twin makes growing up full of fun. Aside the annoying questions people ask twins, the uniqueness of having a look-alike sibling gives you the confidence of not being alone. You realize how intense it gets on a daily basis while trying to state the differences between you and the other, as people fail to understand you both have different thoughts.

A lot of time, people think of you as just “one”.

You get used to answering for the same thing as well as doing a whole lot of things in common. Here are some funny questions people ask twins and negver get tired of.

1. Hey, ain’t you supposed to be in the same outfit?

questions people ask twins

Actually, there is no rule we must.

2. What if I hurt you physically, would your twin feel the pain wherever she is?

Oh please, are we some kind of alien?

3. How do you feel being a twin?

questions people ask twins 2

Well, how else? Amazing!

4. Wait, which one of you is older?

questions people ask twins 3

I don’t understand…

5. You mean, you have the same birthday and all?

Oh yes!

6. What if you guys got to marry another set of twins?

questions people ask twins 4

Wow, that would be super cute.

7. Which of you is more friendly and which one is the tougher?

Oh please…

8. Do you guys ever disagree, quarrel or fight on anything?

Definitely, almost every time.

9. Tell me – What is your brother/sister thinking right now?

Haba.. How am I supposed to know?

10. Wait..what! You mean you are twins? Why didn’t you tell me?

I’m sorry, but no one ever mentioned that requires a special announcement though.


Being a twin or having one can be messy a times too, but no matter how tough it turns out to be, it is beautiful to know you always have:

1. A friend to play with even though you fought a lot

questions people ask twins 5

2. Someone who always got you back anytime ..anyday.

3. Someone else’s clothes to try when you get tired of yours

4. A birthday mate for life

5. Someone who truly understands what you are going through

6. Someone who is thinking about you even when distance separates you both.

7. A mate whom you can freely talk to about anything.



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