raising twinsThe survival mode to winning the battle against raising twins is as easy as planning ahead. There are some differences in raising single baby when compared to raising twins as you probably should have known before now. According to a research, the central African country of Benin has the highest twin birthrate, while Asia and Latin America have much lower rates of twinning. Benin has almost 30 twins for every 1,000 births. Europe, the US and Australia – where most maternal genes are the same – average nine to 16 sets of twins for every 1,000 births which calls for a need to understand the basic facts to raising them.

Facts About Raising Twins

Your schedule should be worked out – perfectly

Those who have a single baby to take care of do complain a whole lot of time about having too much to meet up with, and still not being able to – let alone parents with “double” of the same kind. Proud parents of twins schedule all activities for both babies. You want to take them to bath together; place them on the same feeding and equally want to change their napkins same time.

Each of them has a unique feature

While raising twins, you should, from time to time remember that each of them possess some certain differences in term of strength and weaknesses which are incomparable to yours. You can or should not force your twins to act and do all activities the same way. Giving them room to take their own decision is the best thing you can do as a parent. You don’t even want to make them become YOU.

Make your Yes known and your No understandable

It is always very easy to agree to requests coming from your child so you can have a free time too. When they keep coming back is when you get a little frustrated especially when they are twins. While one is requesting for a chocolate, the other is somewhere around, messing up the refrigerator. But because they are young children, we say “yeah, they are kids, I can provide them all they need”. It might surprise you to know that even at 15, your twins still see nothing wrong in messing up the whole environment. It is just wise to be strict with a NO once in a while, but care should be taken so one wouldn’t feel rejected.

Breastfeed both babies the same time – Possible?

Women are wonderful – really! A woman was sitting right beside me in a local bus and she decided to breast feed her twins. Actually, she had her breast in the mouth of one while the other baby battles with a milk-filled bottle. Then, I wondered if it’s possible to have both breast shared according by the twins at the same time. I couldn’t ask though because I was nervous. I can’t possible imagine how she would feel with questions regarding her breast and all that you know.

But as fate would have it that I don’t have to ask anyone about it, a neighbour cleared my doubt as she breast-fed her twins right in my (our) presence. For the sake of this post, I had to watch her do her thing and it was super and amazingly easy. Now you know that either way, it works!

Twins have almost everything in common – But they are still different

Infections too! Twins share almost everything in common. This is why you might have to consider separating them if you discover one with any sign of infections from birth. Aside this even as they grow up, they tend to easily do lots of the same thing together. There is more than an average percentage of both kids sharing even the same behaviour.

Having said all that about raising twins, being from the same womb for a long time till their arrival into the world doesn’t mean there won’t be differences atall. Just like every other children with different strength and weaknesses, twins are no exception too. Being a parent to twins, you can only encourage their differences to minimize or even eradicate competition. As a bonus to this post, having your twins compete with each other is one of those things you should avoid.

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