reasons to stay up late 2Do you have good reasons to stay up late at night? If you are heartbroken, frustrated, sad and wasted, would that be a good reason to stay up till 2am? You probably got trapped on social media; checking out cute guys and different girl’s curvy body and couldn’t help it. Sometimes, you wish she was your wife. You wonder how and why you ended up with your present jewel lying innocently in your matrimonial bed.

Laying partially on the bed with an earpiece isn’t what you really wanted but somehow, you realised you are there and unable to do anything about it.

Meanwhile, your lucky day might come and that text messages you’ve being expecting from a crush could land on your phone right now. But, is this really worth it?

You know you shouldn’t be watching series videos of seven seasons in the middle of the night when you don’t even know a damn thing about the real lives of these characters. Maybe you shouldn’t be blamed after all, as you were caught in suspense from the last episode you watched. You must see what comes out of that plan and how this character got killed. That’s right, but is it worth taking your time?

You can’t help it but know it’s wrong to expect your neighbour’s spouse in your room at midnight. Your door and windows partially closed so she won’t have to knock before coming in. Then, you can both get wasted while the other dude snores heavily away.

Find better reasons to stay up until 2AM. Find reasons you won’t have to regret when the morning sets in and the dizziness won’t go away unless you honour nature’s call.

You should stay up because your creativity pops up at night more. Stay up if you have great ideas to pen down before sleep takes it all away. Some people are more inspired at night when there seem to be no distraction. Stay up because you want your creativity to play out on your writing skills, poem and song.

Stay up not because you have the whole time to cry out about your relationship that just went sour. Not because you pulled an argument which led to a fight during the day – one you wished never happened. Stay up not because you want to plan a revenge on the fellow who did you wrong and retaliation seem to be the ‘devil’ that cools you down.

If you are going to stay up until 2AM, don’t scroll through Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and them back to Facebook again in depression. Something needs to be fixed if you realised you are back on Facebook notification page within few minutes after your last checkup. Find a better reason to surf the internet at midnight. Research and learning purposes are understandable.

Get over the painful experience with your ex and move on. Things that are not supposed to be attached to you must go when the time comes. Find a good reason to start living and stop existing.

  • Passion
  • Learning
  • Research

All these could get you awake at night if need be. Once you find your passion, develop it. When you find something to learn about, spread your potentials. When you found something you believed could add up to your skills, research about it even if it takes you until 2AM.

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