There are moments in our lives we wished could be brought back into the present. The kind of moments spent in secondary schools in Nigeria especially are the most hilarious. Past memories which kept resounding in the head from time to time, including the awkward moments are remembered too. The awful time we wish never happened in our secondary school days in the presence of our school and class mates.

If you ever attended a secondary school in Nigeria, you definitely would understand what this post is about.

Being called out by your teacher to solve Maths, and you are not even sure where to start

secondary schools in NigeriaSir, I think the chalk is not writing properly…

When you look at your crush in class, and realized he/she had being staring at you all the while too

Untitled-2Aww… I got her

You were called out on the assembly ground to lead the morning prayer, and Chinedu was giving you a horrible mockery look

Untitled-3Father, please let this cup pass me

When you offend your classmate, and he challenge you to a fight after school hours

Untitled-4But, I was just playing with you na, ha

You offended a senior and he came with his group to find you in your class

Untitled-1Are they gone?

You were late for class, and the only available entrance to join the ongoing lecture was the front door

Untitled-13This ground should just open and swallow me

When you forgot to put your phone in vibration in class, and Mom called. Then your ringtone goes the Fela Anikulapo way… “Teacher no teach me nonsense”

secondary schools in Nigeria 2Sir, that wasn’t my phone

You were to represent your class in a school debate in 30 minutes time, under a hall of about 5000 people in attendance

Untitled-13I’m gonna faint on that stage

You tried to control your fart to be released with no sound, because your crush was watching closely

Untitled-15I’ll never forgive Mama Nkechi food canteen for this

Biology teacher comes in around 1.20pm, when you had thought there would be no more lecture for the day

Untitled-13yWhat is this one coming to do again?

A junior reported you to the teachers and you were summoned to the staff room for questioning

Untitled-16Bet why na?

Got similar experiences during your school days? Share with us in the comment section below.

1 Comment on 11 Unforgettable Moments In Secondary School You Wish Never Happened

  1. Oh my.. Haha. No. 6 happened to me a couple of time in my University days. I missed lots of lectures cos of this.

    No.4 is crazilly funny. Geeez!

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