I need all the men to form a straight line. Only the real men please I bring you a list of shocking secrets about women, which they don’t want you to know. I will be dropping them for you to know, as I am quite sure you don’t know them before now too.


I hope you know that this includes your girlfriend – just girlfriend, so don’t think beyond. I’m excluding the oldies for the sake of this post. {Evil laugh}. In fact, I’m not here to complain about ladies at all. Maybe a little, but I promise I won’t exceed my limits. I’m only doing this for the sake of my unborn kid, so he won’t be caught unaware. The ladies might want to keep their boyfriend and boyfriends away from this post anyway.

Here are funny secrets about women which they don’t want you to know

1. When you ask what she took for lunch and she replied fried rice.. Even made you believe she prepared it all by herself.

Where as…

shocking secrets about women

2. Why you must ALWAYS take the opposite meaning of EVERYTHING they say.. Sentences such as, “I’m fine, don’t worry, I have enough and I don’t want to bother you” actually has a true meaning like..

shocking secrets about women


3. What she wants you to know is quite different from what she really is. Maybe we need to meet the real woman behind that face though, and with proper introductions too.

shocking secrets about womenYou are welcome

4. She want to know about you ex.. All of them all. A list and pictures would be of great help too. She wants to be sure how you met, who ended it, when and why. Ok, being a cute honest guy that you are, you decide to tell it all. When you are done, she be like…

shocking secrets about women

5. She ask a lot of questions that doesn’t require ‘sincere’ answers like, do you think my friend is hotter than me?

-Well, Yes!

shocking secrets about women3..And this one is still talking sha

6. They don’t always have anything to wear. Well, that’s very true, but when you check their closet, it’s more like..

shocking secrets about women 4What!

7. What they mean is the exact opposite of what the say

women secretsIf you argue it, you will still lose

8. Period!

I don’t know what this means, do you? Certainly not a “full-stop”, neither does it mean  “shut up”. This word has too many complications and even the devil is afraid to dig any further. At the mention of it, guys be like…

women secretsBut actually, she just faked it like all the time

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