social media effects on relationships 1I was just wondering if people still do not know about the social media effects on relationships. If your relationship is going smoothly, why would you want to tell the whole world about it? Maybe because you are proud to have such a wonderful partner, or because of that cheap publicity. Could it be that I’m simply getting it all wrong?

I could admit I actually didn’t get the concept accurately if you are going to tell me convincingly;

  1. Who you are doing it for?
  2. What you are doing it for?
  3. What you stand to achieve?
  4. And who you think “really” care about your life.

If your friends would have to verify and review your relationship, would you quit your partner if you got a thumb down rating from them?

Inferiority complex!

You want to get 600 likes and 400 comments, I understand. What the comments and thumbs will bring or add to your relationship however, is what I still don’t know about. I hope you don’t start posting about “everything” that happens behind closed door soon too.


You will have to do more research on the things to do to keep your partner, instead of keeping to your original self. More pressure will stare at you in the face, because you don’t want to loose him/her. So, you believe it’s better you put them up for the world to see. Maybe this would force that individual who has being having a fling on your partner to back off – Where is the trust?


When you keep posting your love affairs on social medias, people will start making decisions for you. Here is how. You can relate to these few comments and reactions below:

“Well, he is so cute”
“Those curves are nice, she’s beautiful”

How about some negative comments like;

“Tell him to be happy, we don’t need such serious face in here”

“If only she had a great attitude like her beauty”

Maybe we should talk a bit about irrelevant comments; those whose teachers need serious questioning..

“Will you be my lover. If you leave him and come and love me, I will not make you to be angrying. Anytime, is you I will make to be smiling like a sunshine in the moons”

At last, we now have more than one moon! So, I got that comment from a friend’s wall (with her permission to publish).

While those pleasant comments may force you to fall in love when you are yet to reach a conclusion on your own, the negative ones would give you reasons why your partner is not good enough. But why then, would you allow their decisions to supersede yours?

Your relationship is not a Nollywood movie. If you recall, several gossips about celebrities had led to breakups in some of their marriages.

Not posting about your relationship would save you a lot of troubles. The few troubles you encounter would easily be dealth with, without the interference of your social media audience. They won’t have to bully your opinions and views. No one would have to ask why you have being off for so long without posting about your husband or wife.

You only have to slow down the pace and frequency at which you post about your relationship. No, your friends are not interested in everything that happens between you and your partner. Your dates and surprises from him/her are not meant to be publicized. I don’t know of any relationship that has being strengthened through 1000 likes and 800 comments, but I can point you to multiple relationships that got their ends via social media trends.

The most treasured moment in your relationship is the one spent alone with your significant other. Inviting your friends to stick their noses in your affair would only truncate it’s initial purpose of having a private time with your partner. Nothing is private online, so you know.

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