Star wars birthday partyStar Wars films have changed the way we do host parties. They are now a major inspiration behind a growing number of birthday parties for kids held worldwide. In a way, the craze of hosting Star Wars parties has grown so much that it seems as if almost every parent is into it. Hyperbole apart, more birthday parties now look for creative ideas to use this theme and win the heart of guests. If you too want to throw a rocking birthday party for your little one, try finding some ideas and inspiration.

Here are some cool tips that kids will surely love with a Star Wars birthday party:


It’d be great if you created own Star Wars party invitations. Based on the requirements, you can make them either simple or complex as both will suit the theme and occasion well. You can craft out star shapes from card stock and use the one side of the star to put on party details. You can use card stock for handle and a unique colour for the blade of light sabers shape invitations.

Dressing Up

A Star Wars party won’t reach the zenith unless the birthday boy or girl and, guests also, is dressed up accordingly. The best way forward should be to dress a bit differently from the rest. One can select a good character from the movie and copy the dressing. Ideas for dressing up could be many as the movie has no dearth of colourful characters.


Decorations have a huge role to play in your Star Wars party. So, you got to be careful with that part. The location of the party can be decorated using colours like silver, dark blue, black and grey. Balloons and streamers can be brought in to get a dash of beauty to the location. Customize banner with the birthday boy name on it will further add to the charm. Kids can be offered a light saber to add more joy to the proceedings.


Having Star Wars inspired party food is important. You can create a planet birthday cake using a ball shaped cake pan. You can name the food items according to the theme and the cake should reflect the party theme for sure. Fun goodies must be part of party favours for kids to take back home. Other important things could be Star Wars stickers, tattoos and balloon to give away to kids.


A Star Wars party is not complete without games. So, you can spur kids on to play a variety of games together. Good versus evil competition will be great where you can split kids in two groups and include several rounds to keep things engaging for guests. You can include question round, treasure hunt etc. to let kids enjoy the party.

Quite clearly, hosting a Star Wars party takes some doing and you better understand that. A lot of planning, plus some apt execution goes into that as only they can help you host a perfect party and make it as successful and fun as needed.

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