stupid things people say to pregnant women

People say a lot of stupid things to pregnant women; especially in this part of the world where I came from. Comments which were supposed to be for amusement purpose might turn really sour, and being a the woman in question, you may get fussed all up and want to throw back few insults. That is understandable dear, just beat it.

The annoying part of the many comments is when you realized they are coming from close friends and relatives; which includes even your mother-in-law, and you are unable to hit back with few words. Here, I have compiled a list of some very stupid comments passed on to my wife when she was pregnant. You sure would have one or two to relate to from the list.

Stupid Things People Say To Pregnant Women

I think you are going to have plenty of milk for the baby

People will give a funny look to your boobs after realizing how bigger they have become. Some would go an extra miles by touching and fondling them; maybe to confirm if they are real. Dunno

Forget it, doctors are not always right – This is definitely a boy!

So, I have always heard about fortune tellers but never met one. Interestingly enough, I had laughable encounter with load of them when my was pregnant. Even after telling them about Doctor’s report from several blood tests and Ultrasound which must have revealed the baby’s gender, they still want to insist they are right.

Mum’s friend once placed her hands on my wife’s tummy and told us the baby was a girl. I could not figure if she actually noticed the frowny look I placed on her. But as God would have it; and as I would prefer, He was a boy. Those hands were not really filled with miracles I guess. And Maybe on few occasions, they probably have heard stories of doctors who carried out some test as regard knowing the gender of an unborn baby, but came out otherwise. The world would have being a better place for every pregnant women out there without such crazy comments meant to hype their spirit.

You’ve suddenly turned ugly. But don’t worry, your baby girl will be pretty

The baby you are carrying had stolen all your beauty! Can you imagine how they even tell this to your face? Wait, could that not also mean you are…ugly now?

Hilarious! While taking a walk with my wife, I was hoping someone would turn to her and make such weird comment when she was pregnant. This may also require me to give such individual a friendly blow! Although, till the time of making this list, I am yet to hear about what a friendly blow might look like but I will be more than willing to invent one.

Your pregnancy is taking ages. Do you really want to have this baby?

If  I were to be receiving this comment, my response would be like “OK, maybe I am never going to have the baby anyway. Instead, I would sit all day long, watch and listen to more stupid comments from other incredible idiots like you!

It looks as though you are having more than two

As funny as this comment may sound, it also seem to possess some amount of rudeness you know. You might be doing some goodness by not having to say this to a pregnant woman.

Go right in and catch some sleep.. you won’t have enough of it when you finally have the baby

Argh.. An expectant mom is hoping to have much enjoyable time when the baby finally arrives, not some scary comments like this. This is not what my wife need for now, please stay off!

Your weight would be double by now

This is normal and all pregnant women know this, but they really don’t need to be reminded. No one is expected to maintain the same weight as of when the pregnancy was not there. It might just be cool to keep that comment to yourself!

You’ve ate everything in the house

Maybe you should never assume all pregnant women eat everything around them like it’s their last. This is not supposed to apply to every woman, and unless you have seeing one consuming virtually every eatable thing at sight, such comment is not welcomed. That a woman is pregnant does not mean she wants to eat everything.

Be prepared; delivery is not easy

This, I could say is the dumbest! When my wife got pregnant for the first time, a woman was trying to instill more confidence in my wife by taking it through a very wrong approach. Her words suddenly transformed into a scary piece and was telling my wife not to be scared. Delivery is touch, you have to be well prepared. STOP! If delivery was that hard, you wouldn’t have to make 3 more kids after the first “tough” one.

So, like to share with us the craziest comment you have ever received when you are pregnant/or while your wife was pregnant? Feel free to join the discussion in the comment box below.

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