Pregnancy Side Effects: 20 Things They Never Told You About Your Pregnant Body

How much happiness can you feel for being asked questions like; how do you feel? Is he kicking yet? Have you started morning sickness? Are you tired; … [Read more...]

Pain in The Leg During Pregnancy: The Causes and Remedies

It can be said that even the young and experienced men and they know that women can have leg pain in pregnancy. A woman can indeed begin to hurt the … [Read more...]

Abortion Facts: 8 Reasons I Want To Abort This Pregnancy

Over the years, the world have being provided with numerous methods to terminating pregnancies like through abortion pills, attending an abortion … [Read more...]

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Stupid Comments People Make To Pregnant Women

People say a lot of stupid things to pregnant women; especially in this part of the world where I came from. Comments which were supposed to be for … [Read more...]

Expectant Mom Complete Shopping List 2018

What are the most important baby items to buy 2018? What are the necessities for a newborn baby? What do babies really need? What are the baby things … [Read more...]