art of patienceLearning the art of patience is all about individual decision. In the journey of life, we meet people on the way with different attitudes that gets us amazed on how they got to do the things they do. We envy those with wonderful characters and often wish we possess or become just like them. In this same journey, we also meet people who we found their behavior difficult to characterize as to being human or something else. However, no matter how far we’ve travelled, there is a virtue we often overlook on the way. Patience a virtue which allows us deal with so many complications in relating to human of whatsoever attitude.

Learning The Art of Patience

Patience; like other life’s value, though uncommon can be practiced, learned and attained. There are people born to take life easy; not hurting others and always not a fan of passing quick judgments. People’s attention is now being shifted nowadays to get things done quickly while the quality part ignored. With patience, you are certain of a well meaningful life full of love and breakthroughs. Planning things in a slow and steady manner not only let you come up with a great plans, but also allow you to make wonderful comparisons when making a decision.

Trials and experiments create a wider chance to make the best decision in life as you live in it. A lot of times, the best of what we can offer the people around us is best figured and determined when we exercise patience.

There will always be setbacks, sufferings and some shortcomings. This moment will come and the only way to overcome these setbacks is when we introduce the art of patience in our dealings. We often never want difficult times to last long but failed to realize that the most we learn from life are packaged in difficult times. Getting out of these difficult time requires patience as we also learn along to resolve such situations when they re-occur.

Patience attracts quality. Things that needs to be repeated due to rush and impatience are done with ease after we’ve relaxed enough to figure out the best among the numerous options we are faced with.

Patience helps us to be tolerant. Apparently, people will look for your trouble; they will offend you from time to time and tolerating them only means you want to learn several ways of dealing with trouble people.

Mastering the art of patience makes you a better parent. To the children, they want to do things without having to think of what their actions might become or lead to. It is for the parents to know that they are only kids and should ofcos, be regarded as such.

Patience helps build a better relationship. Break ups in marriages most of the time is as a result of the lack of patience between the spouses. The cases of divorce being settled in court mostly can be traced down to the inability of either spouse to exercise patience. Things that could have been settled amicably if only a little more time had been observed are dragged beyond the home, and the result they often get is the unusual.

Life requires us to take everything steady and simple to excel. A lot of time when caught in some situation, we want to hurry up; finish in time, maybe with the intention to impress or receive some cheap glory. However, it should be said that the journey is also as important as the destination too. Practicing the art of patience should be employed if you don’t want to sustain injury of any form along the process of trying to get things done in a shortcut manner.

Nevertheless, patience should not be mistaken for being sluggish in handling issues. There are times when prompt actions are required; like when one is expected to act out loud. Taking precautions and more time helps to figure out several options and ways to handling those tough situations.

Ultimately, being alive is what separates us from the dead. No matter how tough the road may seem or how big your problems are, they definitely will pass like you overcame the earlier ones. What should keep you going as human is to always remember that you’ve being faced with so many of life’s challenges in the past and here you are – still alive. Whatever problem you are faced with at the moment is also meant to stay for a while. Patience is all that needs to be observed to jingle the victory bell.

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