how to rediscover yourself 2It takes the will of God these days to really discover what your destined path is. To some, you must be empowered academically to know how to rediscover yourself, while to others; you become whatever you wish to be irrespective of your level academically. For illustration purpose, I will be pointing reference to specific areas and jobs. Allow me take a Barber as a case study to a limit.

How To Rediscover Yourself

To know how to rediscover yourself is a matter of taking some time out to figure out where your passion lies. Just across where I lived in school was a well known Barber. I’m not quite sure if he actually attain any formal education (based on his level of communication though) but I can tell you categorically that his shop reached the professional standard level if we have to put up some kind of ratings. I visited his shop one weekend to have my hair lowered. When I got there, I met 2 others on seat waiting, while three others were being attended to by him and his boys. It was just few minutes before 8pm when I got there. I launched the calculator on my phone and started calculating. Like to guess what the calculation is all about? – You get to figure out when I am done with the process. For now, just read on.

With the 3 of us on queue and other 3 that were being attended to, all sums up to 6, right? This guy actually charges ₦300 per head and that should give him ₦1800 for his service to 6 individuals. Then this got me thinking for a while. If he could attend to all of us before 9pm (which he actually did), how many customers has he been attending to before I got there?. For a moment, I wouldn’t call that a rhetorical question since I have an estimate of how it goes.

Here is an assumption. If my sudden friend attend to 10 heads per day, that should give him ₦3,000 and a total of about ₦90,000/month -Wow. That’s is just for attending to 10 customers; which I believe to be far below how many customers he has on a daily basis.

I have come to realize that the problem of unemployment in most cases lies on the job seekers themselves. Being selective and the ability to know how to find yourself among others, top the reason. In school, I am sure you were taught so many strategies to apply to business toward its growth and development. So I start to wonder, would a graduate take up Barbing as a profession; apply those strategies (give incentives, free gift etc.) to keep customers? And I think that is one advantage (applying business strategies) a graduate has over the other with no such thought. So many other opportunities in the open for you if you are going to explore the resources you currently have in possession. Not waiting till you have “more than enough” to start, can take you to the highest possible level.

However, some had claimed in recent time that they don’t have the resources to start a business of their own even if they want to. To start with, If you must know how to rediscover yourself, I need to remind you that it doesn’t matter where you start from. If you would write your plan and stick to the guidelines stated for the smooth running of whatever you came up with, then I bet the sky is just your stepping stone. When you put the risks aside and make out plans to start something new and finally succeeded, then you can be sure to have known how to rediscovered yourself and have awakened that real potentials inside of you. It doesn’t have to be all about working for someone else. It is all about putting all you learnt into practice for yourself. This, I considered to be the essence of being learned in your course of study.

Finally, if a Barber could make such an amount in a month, then I dare a learned individual to start up something; which necessarily has to be about handling clippers and make beyond that.

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