dating a single momYou walked up to a charming lady with the intention to chat her up, get her attention and win her heart, only to realize there is a lot more attached to her being single. Being with the intention of dating a single mom for quite some time, you realized you got one. Well, congratulations. You may have just found a lasting relationship for yourself, but there are certain things to know before dating a single mom though.

Now that you have made up your mind about dating a single mom, one thing you must have at the peak of your mind is that the new woman you just found already had a past. A past which involves a man and a child. Dating a single mom could be fantastic if you are not the playing type. However, I bet you probably want to know those few but interesting facts about a single mom before you start out something with one.

Things To Know Before Dating A Single Mom

She is a busy mom

There is need to state that a single mom is being divided to cover many tasks meant to be handled initially by two individuals. She wants to make the house look good, build a career for herself and monitor the well-being of her children. All these amounts to having a limited time for a relationship which is best to be known before hand.


A single mom is most committed to her relationship. She likes to give you the impression that she is always loyal and committed to you even with the limited time she had. The reason for this is not far fetched. Even when facts reveal that her baby daddy took the larger blame for their situation. She, at one time or the other feels guilty that she might have also shared part of the blames. Therefore, she wants to make sure she never get to repeat anything close to whatever caused her last relationship’s failure.

It’s all about her children

This stretches the fact that everything she does in the relationship is somehow related to helping her child from the financial management aspect to the social up brings. Her children’s welfare remains her top priority until she has yours. If her happiness counts to you, then you should accept her children as much as you accept her.

There is still a baby daddy in the picture

Now, whether you like it or not, the thought of her ex still exists in her. You never should expect a woman to forget the father of her child and throw the memories down the mud so easily. Getting used to it is as normal as getting something to eat when you feel hungry. It’s however important to make her feel cool to talk about her ex and give the assurance to always give advices when need be. Whatever kept her baby daddy out of the picture in this regard has little significance compared to her wanting you to represent him.

She is not looking for a sorry relationship

It might interest you to know that what she wants is a companion; someone who they would share their utmost feelings with from time to time. They aren’t really looking out to be rescued or in any way looking for one to be responsible for their bags and shoes in such a way to make it look like you are doing her a favour. Be informed, she is not captured.

Gaining her trust may be another difficult task

While it is one thing gaining her heart to start a relationship with u, it is another to gaining her trust which I would say it mostly important here. You don’t blame her thought. She’s just being careful this time you know. She has been through some things in the past and you know when past hurts really bad, you want to stay entirely away from it. She is not only protecting herself from dangers and re-occurrence from being hurt, but also protecting her kids too. You will need to re-assure helping her get back on feet emotion-wise and not end up like her ex. Then, you will need to find out the part to which she is more vulnerable and make that part your utmost target.

On a final note, the experience might turned out to be the best if handled with utmost sincerity and she won’t have to term you as another headache after her ex.

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