things a woman must know before getting married

What are the things a woman must know before getting married? What are the basic things she must do before walking down the aisle with a Mr. Right? So much for the single life which you planned to end in a couple of months. This post would be more beneficial if you are still an “Aunt”, but making plans to become a wife soon.

It all burns down to when you realized you are getting far beyond the marital age as a woman. You have probably stayed too long for the perfect one, and it would be disastrous to end up in a marriage full of deceits and abuses of which you have no choice but to endure. You don’t want to go wrong after so much waiting. Below, I have gathered some strict but basic information as regard the things a woman should know before getting married. So. where the single ladies at?

Things A Woman Must Know Before Getting Married

1. Unless you are sure he has the potential of expanding far and beyond his present status, do not settle for less.

Confused? This is what I mean.

We go to school with the hope of achieving knowledge, which we are sure to get from the teachers. With exception of some situation, we generally believe a teacher is supposed to know more than we do. You see, knowledge-wise, you wan to settle with someone you can look up to when it all turn sore.
Financial-wise? Well.., but I’m telling you not to be with someone whose level is below yours.

2. Marriage is sweet. Marriage is fun, and is enjoyable. One factor that determines the “bluff” above is your level of understanding and that of your spouse. Do not marry a dependent man! A woman is supposed to be a helper. Most of the time, you are going to get tired and the union could fizzle out in no time. Then you would wish you never started it. Take your time to study him and get your facts right if he wants to be a dependent. I’m not about to give you a choice to make here. We both know the best thing to do is to let him go…now.

3. Why would anyone want to tell you to try every other man who comes your way? Why would another group want you to settle with another loser? Don’t be afraid to put a stop to a relationship not working for you. Don’t be afraid you would end up being with another loser who could be worse. There are men out there; plenty of them with good heart and ready to treat you like that special someone. Taking up a new relationship when you don’t get all you ever wanted from the previous one will not make you a slut. You are in charge of your life, and you can only learn from the past and apply a correction to the present.

4. Not necessarily has to be about showing off how well brought-up you are, but you should learn to cook. You really have to. You don’t want to eat out every meal with your partner outside the home. Even if it is just one type of meal you are able to prepare confidently,  just make sure you are super confident about it.

5. Place your worth on a value that makes him not to take you for granted. Be clear on the things you want, and those you frown to. Trust your strength; shade off your weaknesses and take charges and control of your life authoritatively. It is easy to tell the kind of woman you are by the man you chose to be with.

6. Quite a few times, you have heard that his look is not important. He could be fat, tall, short or even long. They can as well tell you not to bother about him being human or not. My take on this is for you go for what you want. If you sincerely admire cute men, please go for one. If height is what you crave for, that should be your target. Don’t live with regrets later. Cleanse your mind with every thought of wishing you had being with the other man with a preferable physical attribute.

7. Don’t be with a man because you are getting old, and people are starting to notice. Would you rather prefer to stay a little more and be happy, than marry a man you are not in love with?  Never marry out of pity. Do not marry with a motive of compensating him for a favour done to you in the past. If you are double-minded; not sure if you are in love with him, it is time to call it off.

8. More on appearance, he could be tall, fat, slim or dark. That could be him, if you can conveniently show him off around your friends, and introduce him with a cheerful smile to your family members.

9. Put your family members in the picture and your journey. Why would you want to go ahead with someone who is not recognized or approved by your family; maybe parents? The trend might be “to be with someone you love and trust; someone you are happy to be with”, but the reality is to make your people accept him. If they don’t you still have a lot of work to do dear. Trust me, you have to convinced them; make them see reasons why you want to be with him. I don’t see a union working without the approval of the parents.

10. You were in a relationship with a woman you considered perfect, and you can only agree to tie the knot with him after being satisfied with his behaviours; whatever they are. Don’t expect him to change overnight, or after you must have being married to him. If he abuses you in that relationship, marriage won’t change him. Unless you are okay being with a drunk for the rest of your life, being married won’t make him responsible. If you notice any such thing or something similar that might affect your marital life negatively, time to quit gal.

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