things every woman should know

Life is such a drama that would probably beat you down and pick you up over a number of time. People would always talk about how hard being a teenager is, but often neglect how challenging your 20s can be. You are in the toughest period when you have to deal with many of life’s challenges resulting from finishing schools and thinking of what to become and do with your life in years to come.

One of the basic truth to deal with is to think puberty and going to high school is the most confusing and difficult parts of your life

Below, I have stated 20 important things every woman should know in her 20s.

1. You ain’t getting younger. The things you do everyday counts, so know your worth.

2. You body type is like a fixed component. You were born with it. The earlier you embrace and nourish yours, the better

3. Life is never a platter of gold, so you won’t have everything figured out easily within a short time, but that’s okay.

4. Feeling disappointed is okay – you learn. Crying is okay – you get stronger. Those things which seems not okay to you are actually okay.

5. It is only normal for your parents to scold you once in a while. Sometimes, a little spanking could be introduced. This is because they want the best for you.

6. You may not be able to sustain the people you grew up with for a long time. It does not matter anyway, as people grow up together and later grow apart.

7. Truth be told, it is extremely difficult to save money. You are being normal if you can’t take your eyes off the things you love while having the money to get them. You only need to be determined – Maintaining some savings is an important part of life.

8. There is so much to enjoy and make out of this life than social media. If you are not on any, you will not die.

9. Show respect. It is the the “real” pride of a woman. Be humble – this is the key to a long life happiness.

10. Don’t judge others. Same thing you get done easily may appear as the most difficult puzzle for the other man. Everyone is faced with different obstacles in life.

11. Do not rely heavily on expectations. Life is full of disappointments.

12. Strive to be vulnerable.

13. How failure sounds means nothing. The most important thing to know about failure is that it creates an opportunity for you to become great in life.

14. Take good care of yourself during your 20s as you may be left alone to attend to certain things.

15. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. One of these things is “heartbreak”. You stay alive no matter how much you feel depressed about it.

16. One of the worst enemy to avoid in life is debt. Train yourself to stay away from it as far as you can.

17. You can’t be younger than this very moment please step up.

18. Do not say it’s little. Those are the things that counts in life.

19. Mistakes would be committed, but you would learn from them every time.

20. At the end of the day, it is your opinion that truly matters at the end of the day.

Don’t miss the fun in your 20s, as this is the most beautiful but though and challenging period of your life. This is where you learn to handle trust, love and finances. This is the time to discover yourself.

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