8 Things All Married Men Must Stop Doing

things married men should stop doing 2
things married men should stop doing
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This might not be applicable to you if you are a woman and a wife. You should read the female version which talks about all the dirty habits your husband would appreciate you stop doing.

As I put up this article, I have tried not to be sentimental in anyway. I bet to earn a thumbs up from you on this fact at the end of the day. So to say, I have no intention of revealing stuffs that most men would rather keep a secret. But because this site is meant to impact progress in every marriages, I have decided to state out the DIRTY habits common to married men.

Below are things married men should stop doing:

1. Watching explicit videos on phone

For the very first time, I was able to realize that one of the things married men do, and see no wrong in doing it is watching pornography. As a married man who took a vow in the presence of God and man to remain faithful to his wife, being caught in this mess means total violation of your promise. Cheating; as applied to marriage, means deriving marital satisfaction from ALL external sources without exception. It is not limited to simply having mistresses outside your matrimonial home. Watching porn will ruin your marriage because you will no longer be satisfied with your wife’s performance alone. The urge to have real intimacy with your wife will suddenly begin to dwindle. There is a better alternative to watching naked women on phone. Workout a stronger intimacy plan in your marriage and see as everything will be back to normal.

2. Acting single by not wearing your wedding ring

Often time, you hardly find a married man with a wedding ring on his finger. While some would argue that their love may not be on their fingers, it is crucial to put your ring on. One of the things that would grab your wife’s attention when you have finished dressing up for the office in the morning is your missing ring. Not rinding a ring on your finger gives her the impression you ate cheating already. The essence of marriage is to ensure there’s happiness within the household. Having your ring on at all time, makes your wife happy. Now you know.

3. Spending too much time on phone than your family

A lot of us are guilty of this too. After getting my best kind of selections from my favourite mp3 download site, which is always updated with the latest hit in town. I usually fix an earpiece around both ears; chatting up friends on the PC. Get the groove on when it’s time for pleasure, but always remember to get family along first. Too much concentration on these gadgets might not yield a desirable result to get things running smoothly.

4. Letting Football take over the time meant for your family

You need to see how excited some married men feel when they watch football. Being a fan is cool. Making yourself happy by doing and watching a sport you like is no sin. Letting these illusions to take your attention away from your family is where you need adjustments. I know you spend a lot of time and energy on watching soccer games where you rarely sacrifices half of the time with your wife and children. Needlessly to say, that some even spend their money on live matches. This is totally wrong though. Get excited over your child’s performance in school, and your wife’s effort generally.

5. Looking at other women with keen attention

This is so disrespectful and many married men are guilty of this. Stop looking and admiring other women; not even when your wife is not there with you. Reference to the point made in No. 1 above, you are already cheating when you feel satisfied looking at other at women as they walk. When you respect your wife, the world will respect her too.

6. Abusing your wife in public

Let us do away with the last two words from the above heading, “in public”. Don’t ever raise your hands on your wife irrespective of the circumstances, and no matter the location. Being married also means playing some level of maturity which distinguishes you from the single guys out there (No disrespect to bachelors though). Beating up your wife in public or abusing her in private is wrong. Real men ain’t wife beaters!

7. Not paying attention when your wife wants to talk

Relationship is communication. Every successful marriage has an aura of communication that kept it steady. There is no communication if you are not attentive. Your wife needs you to be 100% present whenever she talks.

8. Not participating in home activities

Especially in this part of the world I came from, men generally (maybe with little exception) stops to do their laundry and other home activities after they got married; believing those are duties meant for women. Every man should participate in the activities of their home.

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