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Saying sorry for every wrong done is part and/or a necessary part of life; an habit which every human must cultivate. It is amazing to know how the two letter word “I’m sorry” could be so powerful, and how much it dictates and defines your personality. Still, you need to stop apologizing for certain things. While saying sorry might relief you of the awkward feelings of having hurt someone, make you appear as an individual willing to accept and welcome corrections and re-strengthens the bond of friendship, it is crucial to realize that you really don’t have to apologize at all time.

However, this is not to say you should stop admitting mistakes, apologizing when you feel you are wrong and accepting to be corrected but generally, here are basically the things you should stop apologizing for right now.

1. Don’t apologize for what you think

Opinions are allowed and you are entitled to whatever you think; which they have the choices of either accepting or not. So, why would you want to apologize for your feelings? Being a token you have to contribute. Apparently, you may decide not to join a regular argument by keeping your thoughts to yourself, but if you have to, you need not say sorry.

2. Stop saying sorry for your look and appearance

One of the ways to building self-confidence is strictly by monitoring how you appear to people; what they think about you and how they accept you. Apologizing for the way you look is totally unnecessary as it derails the confidence in you. Unless you showed up in a mob (maybe) naked where you are expected to take a lead role, saying sorry might not be a good idea.

3. Never say sorry for asking a question

“I’m sorry, but I like to know if Mugabe was actually the President of a country”.

All you needed was a clarification for something you aren’t sure about. You should not apologize for seeking assistance or needed to get something clarified. Your apology is totally uncalled for because no one would hold this against you. You will only get your queries fulfilled, and that will justify your action. If you like to sound decent like me, “Could you please help clarify if Mugabe was actually the President of a country” sound a lot better.

4. Stop apologizing for your time and how you spent it

You have the whole space in the world for yourself and you should stop apologizing for how you use them. Stop apologizing when you missed a call, or not available to reply mails, questions and texts because you have other things to attend to. Your life does not depend solely on replying mails for achievements which they are supposed to understand. If they don’t, then you are not obliged to say sorry.

5. Don’t apologize “before” saying negative things

You cannot always sound tricky you know. You were about to call someone a bastard and you apologized before the mention. I can’t seem to understand the significance of that apology yet, and I believe a lot of people has the same thought about this too. Saying sorry before making negative utterances means you are aware of the implications but you choose to go ahead.

Whenever you realize you are about to say “sorry”, take a moment to figure if the situation is worth your apology. Examine if you are really at fault and hold back if you think you are not to be blamed. Not apologizing in situations like this strengthens your self-worth. The more you keep apologizing for the irrelevancies, the more your worth keep declining. Laws and rules are meant to keep you to do the right things and it is understandable if you apologize when you violate any.

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  1. Yes, you’ve said it all.

    These are some of the things that makes you less confident.

    I’d really like if you post more of this especially on the Topic “Low Self Esteem, and how to overcome it”.

    Thanks for sharing this

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