things to know before having a girlfriendI decided to make a list of the things to know before having a girlfriend for my son. In few months time, I should throw a birthday party for him; which I hope to send you an invitation. Just before then, I need to get my kid ready for some unforeseen circumstances, especially those which involved women. These are basically things every man should know before having a girlfriend.

A friend of mine would always want me to join him in a campaign tagged “After God, Fear Women“. As if that wasn’t enough, his facts was based on life experiences which I equally knew about. For some reasons however, I have some things to learn from his selfish broadcast. Also, if I can’t protect myself from these circumstances, I should be able to build a younger version of me towards being fully prepared on dealings with women.

Things my little boy must know before having a girlfriend

Dear Son, women are amazing and wonderful kind of human. But in as much I would have loved to tell you more beautiful things about them, here are some things you need to know before taking one for a girlfriend.

1. They generally believe all men want is to get them to bed

You should be ready to prove them wrong by being different. To prove being a real man, you should never request for this until you both are married. Trust me son, they will respect you for this. The only confusion I have about this thought however is, if men are only after getting women to bed, could that also mean it is the only thing women has to offer? – Maybe not.

2. Sometimes, you have to pay their bills

Son, this should not scare you at all. This might be a way to differentiate a man from a boy. It should be a motivation to make you work harder so as to live up to the standard of paying their bills. They want to look good at all time. All the expenses incurred on their handbags and artificial hair is on you. Sometimes, you may have to pay before you get a kiss too. This is the kind of life we live in, and you have to be prepared for it.

3. If you don’t love her, don’t date her

Nothing can be more painful when you realize the one you have being planning your future with has being faking it all along. Son, you might live to regret your action if you get involve with someone you don’t love. Take your time to figure out the kind of woman you want and the qualities you want her to possess.

4. You have to win the heart of the most beautiful woman in the world

You will have no reason to search any further because you have got the number one woman in the world. Make sure you don’t settle for less because a lot more will walk by after you have made your choice. The ones that will walk your way later would be more beautiful than the woman you have choose to be with. To survive this numerous temptations, you must get the most beautiful woman in the world for a wife to prevent you from making regrettable mistakes. Such regrettable mistakes includes taking a second wife and that is forbidding where your dad came from, Son!

5. Be sure you are all she has

Before making it official about she being your girlfriend, you have to be sure she accepted you as being her boyfriend too. Along the journey of your relationship with her, you may find out she has another side dude. For some women, this is completely normal. One evil way of saving for the raining days in case you disappoint.

6. The heart of the woman you love may be for someone else

The sooner you make it clear to yourself that friendship is all she want, the better. She must have gave in to be with you when the pressure keeps coming, and probably doesn’t want you to feel bad with a negative response. The idea is to make it appear like you were really dating but no. When you find out, you must shake it off and let go because, no amount of skill is needed here to win her completely – You can’t.

Nevertheless, a certain time will come when you don’t have to worry about where your woman is. You won’t have to bother if she has another side dude who has captured all her attention. A time when you would have being married to that special one, and the things to know before having a girlfriend won’t make sense anymore.

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