things to stop doing at 25I wish you a wonderful celebration as you turn 25, and I believe you like to read about the things to stop doing now.

Interestingly, you are starting to grow into a real adult, so you don’t need mama to sit you down and start preaching about the dangers associated with drinking, smoking and keeping late nights.

This goes beyond that…

At 25, you have to realize that things meant for kids are specifically for kids, and were supposed to be found in kids.

By now, you don’t want a thirty-something year old folks to make an annoying statement like “damn, you are still a baby” to you.

If you found yourself caught up with such, maybe it’s time to really outgrow some things, and stop doing all that is listed below; like immediately!

1. Stop going crazy about your friends and peers getting married

It’s really cute, isn’t it? When you realize all your peers are getting married and you have to celebrate with them.

You do the dance and help out with several’s to make the celebration an exciting one. Back home, you wonder if that couldn’t have being you getting married today.

Feeling depressed and starting to think about rushing bae and boo up to tie the knot early too. Stop being amazed about your mates getting married. If you keep thinking about this, it’s probably your turn to take the same steps.

2. Buy your own clothes and stop borrowing

If that party really matters to you, there is a need to get yourself what you feel comfortable in. This must be an outfit you brought with your own money.

At 25, you need to take your fashion and style more seriously, as people expects to see you glow in exotic appearance. Stop borrowing friend’s clothes and go get yours.

3. Stop pretending to be happy

If you need help, come forward and politely request assistance. Stop laughing with the people you need to stand up against and punch in the eyes. At this age, no one will stop you from doing the things that make you happy and satisfied with yourself. Get it!

4. Filter your dates

You don’t necessarily have to nod in acceptance to every man that comes your way. Also, you don’t need to chase after “whatever” appears in a skirt.

You have reached a stage where you have to embrace real love and trash out the lust in you. It may seem tough like one Ultimate search show I used to know, but at 25, you should be able to recognize an ideal partner and know what you want in a relationship as a whole.

Being a realist and a cheerful giver are two different things. It’s a usual trend among teens and adults when they have to experiment partners. I believe that must mean; trying out who the best is, among hundred partners (maybe not).

At 25, perhaps, it is time to stop tasting the food (testing partners) while still cooking. You should consider taking it down, setting the table and eating.

5. Blame yourself, not mom/dad

Maybe it is not too late enough to take charge of specific things in your life. Instead of apportioning blames on your parents why they didn’t start you up early, why they didn’t get you those things when you were below your current age, you should start making solid steps to get them done on your own.

6. Stop daydreaming

I’m guilty of this too. It should make a list of “Things You Should Stop Doing When You Turn 30”. I had imagined having a huge mansion and driving the most expensive cars that got the whole world clamoring.

I once imagined being married to Genevieve Nnaji who probably don’t know I had a crush on her. But then, I realized we both had a kid together. You can imagine all these running through someone’s head.

Stop! – face the reality.

Maybe if you work hard enough from this day, you can get all you desire in a very short time. Excluding Genevieve.. Please!

7. Take your savings seriously

The moments where you have to dodge filthy expenses for mom and dad to handle are long gone, and you should start talking about paying your own bills.

An African proverb says “you don’t eat with both hands”. You have to make reserves for unforeseen situations that may arise in monetary terms. Part of being responsible at 25 is taking your savings seriously.

8. Forget about the 7 points above and take actions

Be real. Stop taking headaches about the 7 listed points above and take actions.

Don’t put yourself in a situation where you feel sorry for crawling behind; especially when you realized you cannot meet up the above listed.

You’d probably say to yourself “thank heavens, I’m not 25”. But, it should not revolve around how old, but how much you are able to achieve during your lifetime.

8 Comments on Things To Stop Doing When You Turn 25

  1. Am 20 but still in the web of daydreaming, wish to get lose Lol. The part that also got me real deep is about saving. That’s another habit I need to inculcate. Powerful post.

  2. You’ve said it all…. I believe there are people who still do these things and hope this post would Really be of use to them only if they adhere to it.

    Thanks for Sharing these anyway.

  3. Awesome post here. Its quite disheartening to see some so called matured adults still behaving like less than 25. Unfortunately, it’s really hard for some people to follow rule 4: Filter your dates. Lots of Older-Married men are just after anything on skirt. I guess they need to see this post and change their mentality. Thanks Oluseye for this great post

    • And it’s quite funny when young ones have to “date many” and select the best from the list.

      I hope they see this too. Perhap, I need to push this to them all

  4. This is just it. Its clear brief n simple. I wish those adults who are married n chasing anything on skirts read this to knw if they a reall matured or not

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