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The dream of every man is to ensure the happiness of his home. In this regard, he wants to put in the best of his effort to attain putting a lasting smile on the face of his wife. However, there appear to be some setbacks that might be pulling down his efforts; part of which is his inability to put a stop to some certain habits from his wife. Most of these habits are the tough-to-communicate kinds, so I want to be the mouthpiece of every man in this post.

Things women need to stop doing to gain trust from their husband

Below are the list of the things every man wishes their wives stop doing

1. You need to stop involving yourself with other men

As most people would have it, that women can be more jealous than the men. In as much as I wouldn’t want to start an argument in this regard, it might interest you to know that men don’t like to see their wives flirting around with other men. Having a conversation with a man in the office or within the neighbourhood is okay, but flirting with these men is where you may go wrong. You would be surprised how a mere flirt you termed “safe” can transform into an extra marital affair. It started from “just talking” to exchanging of numbers. No matter how smart you tried to play being smart, he pushed it to the next level by making late night calls and text. Soon, you realized there is need to start hiding your conversations with your husband at home – cheating in disguise. You husband would try to prevent you from “safe flirting” with other men because they knew it would transform into something big which could collapse their marriage. But how would they communicate this to you without you feeling, “oh, he doesn’t trust me”.

2. You need to disassociate yourself from weird friends

Occasionally, before you got married, you are known to embrace everyone who stretches a friendship hand to you. That is cool though, but it’s time you start to filter off some friends, especially those who do not add any value to your marriage. No man wants to see his wife involved with a weird friend, who could at any time introduce her to a different or negative way of life.

3. Using sex as a punishment is never the right way to go

I first heard this in a popular radio program where a man revealed how he was starved with sex for 2 weeks by his wife. That was meant to serve as a punishment for pulling an argument against his wife’s view. Irrespective of the offence committed, this is not right. When a man realized sex as your ultimate weapon, he can simply get some from mistresses waiting to take your place.

4. Don’t make it seem like he knows nothing about parenting

Respect his opinions too when it comes to how he chooses to bring up the children. You don’t always want to appear “knowing it all” because you are the mom. In this modern age, men are more engaged with the kids. They want to show you their uniqueness in term of parenting which you should respect as much as they respect yours too. But when you shut them up in your own stylish way, they simply keep calm and battles with the rejection. If you ask me, that is not good for your home, I’d say.

5. That you don’t love him anymore

Whether during a heat argument or simply cracking a joke around this phrase, you definitely don’t want to fly on this journey. This is the basis of your marriage; not a dollars you can easily exchange for some few nairas. Men would transmit this and work out meanings like, “What if she is saying the truth in a funny way”. This could remain in a man’s head for a long time.

6. Frequently talking about your ex

When I was with my ex, we go shopping every Friday. Ok, that’s fine. Sharing your history with your husband is great, but when you start to make comparison between your ex and him is where you are starting to go wrong. Stating things your ex does (that you love), especially when your husband is not doing them to you would only hurt him more.

A quick question

In building a healthy relationship of TRUST with your spouse, what do you consider WRONG to say to your partner?

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  1. Point noted, even though I’m yet to marry, I know that the above mentioned constitute to the general family problems

    • It certainly do. You can always take this as a plus to your experience. Like, lead your significant other to doing the things you love.

    • Well.. A large part though. You can as well ensure she do the things that makes you happy by pointing her to our useful guide; while playing your part to keep a lasting smile on her face too

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