things you miss doing as a childGrowing up and getting married to a great partner of your choice is a wonderful experience. Having and raising your own children seem to be more than great when you have to run a comparison between the two. Little children frequently reminds you about those beautiful things you miss doing as a child and a growing kid. As your child play around and do things; especially the things you have done before, this gives you some amount of flashbacks on the things you miss about being a child. When we were kids, we wish our growing up could be fast forwarded. When we grow up, we miss being a kid.

I have a wide experience while growing up as a child. I did a lot of things that I never wish my children would learn about. My little boy likes to make me tell him stories before going to bed at night. I always tell him things I did when I was a child. The amount of awards I won in several school competitions and all that, but I have being very careful not to share with him those weird moments and experience in my childhood days. Like I once stoned a police officer and ran away – I just hope my boy is not reading this.

While there are many things you miss doing as a child, below are 12 among those things I am sure you can relate to, on things you miss doing as a child.

Things You Miss Doing As A Child

  1. That grip of fear when you broke a plate in the kitchen while washing them. The sounds coming from the broken dish when it landed on the floor alone, is enough to make me think it was my last day. Funny still, Mum may come around and do nothing but caution me to be very careful on handling them next time. But don’t rejoice with me yet, she actually reserved my beating till whenever I commit something that doesn’t even warrant any discipline.
  2. Running and playing in the rain with other children.
  3. Remember that feeling of joy that comes all over you while expecting mum and dad to come back from work. I don’t remember the right phase to pin the feeling of  happiness to but I am sure it is not just because you are expecting they are bound to get some goodies for you and the other siblings.  No – I believe little children feel more secure while they have their parents around.
  4. Ok, I remember this one. You definitely would relate to those moments you have dad or mom around you, and you believe that gives you the utmost chance to look for anyone’s trouble. You are certain your opponent will not be able to fight back because your parent is there or, you know dad will retaliate on your behalf even if that opponent of yours dare to touch you. Either way, it is a win situation for you.
  5. There is always one stingy friend who would never allow you to ride his bicycle for some time. At some moment, you would wish your parents could afford you one too but that was just being a kid I guess. Life is never supposed to be some kind of competition but would a child understand that? – Well, No.
  6. The weekend is always like a Christmas celebrated everyday. Especially on a Saturday morning, I remember all I always want to do is to sit by the TV and watch cartoons. I really can’t recall if Tom and Jerry exist in those time but it’s funny how I grew to like those “two hilarious beasts”.
  7. Waiting anxiously for Christmas and Easter celebration. How you can’t wait for dad to decide where the family would be celebrating those joyful period. I could remember Christmas being 25th of every December and that has being the first date I was able to memorize for a worthwhile celebration. Not sure I remember my birthday date back then.
  8. Someone would always be there to take care of you when you are sick. The fact that you wouldn’t have to attend school during this period was a plus then. I always put on some extra days to “act up” after when I recovered from my illness. But because I still like to stay a little while at home, I fall back to bed pretending to be sick. I so love this moment!
  9. When you come into eye contact with someone you had a crush on during class, and begin to think you can figure out what she got in mind. Maybe he/she loves me too, you’d say to your self – But the courage to walk up and talk to her will always disappear. How do you even want to start?
  10. How you always think of being a superman and saving a whole nation one day too. Michael Jackson was my favourite in those time, and I always dream I could dance like him someday. But I certainly hope you won’t ask if I have being able to do some of those nice steps of his – Please.
  11. Sad how it is to make true friends when you grow up. You have a variety and a whole lot to make selections from as a kid. You can easily join other kids you have never known or seeing before while the play games, and it’s just in the same instance you being to laugh together. I wonder how such free minds disappear as we grow.
  12. You have no fear, no worry and nothing to be ashamed of. I always make dangerous attempts while practicing virtually everything I learn to Jackie Chan movies. I remember how I once jumped from the roof of our building to the floor without getting hurt – I dare not try that now!
    At the pool, I pull off everything and run around naked in the water – I mean everything. Wait, why do I have to worry about people watching now?

There is always a lot of good memories that awaits us as we attain adulthood, just like there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. If I have to make a wish, I would hope everyone around me and beyond start to live a life where there is no fear. The kind of life where you don’t have to worry about anything; where you would wish all the things you miss doing as a child would be brought to the present.

Do you have any experience to share with us about your childhood?

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