things your husband is always thinking about 2In every marriage, the core ingredient needed for a healthy relationship is basic communication and understanding. You wouldn’t argue this, would you? But for this to be effective, both couples must understand the needs of each other. As a woman and a wife who desire a happy relationship and appreciation from her man, you should take note of the things your husband is always thinking about. This way, you can make them readily available for him.

Men and women are not the same; and so are our thoughts. We don’t always worry about what to wear and how we look. Most of the time, our priority includes making our wife feel appreciated in public, while we take the glory. It is easier to make a man happy when you are familiar with the things he derives pleasure from. This way, you can track his thought and make the things he value so much available when needed.

Below, I have shared with you all major things our mind is always occupied with. These are thoughts that has to do with you. Note that this applies to 99% men out there, and I believe that includes your husband too. 🙂


I recently read on a forum how men’s sexual urge supersedes that of the women. This topic was raised by a woman, but there was a shocker on her claims. She rated men’s urge on 50% as compared to women. Hell no! Actually, it is more. We just wish we could pull our wife to bed and make her happy the usual way every now and then.

To be better than the other woman

10 out of 10 times you caught him staring at another woman, is because he has probably found something that would look even better on you. We want to make our woman stand out among other women. So, when we see another woman who seems like a challenge, we take time to study her looks and apply the same on our wife.

Your happiness

If you have read anywhere about women being emotional abused in marriage, that would probably fall within the 1% of men I talked about earlier. Generally, we want your happiness. We believe in making you happy in order to sustain a blissful relationship. We are obviously doing things to ensure we put a lasting smile on your face, especially when we noticed you are not in a good mood.


I spent almost five hours compiling this post. Though, I believe this piece shouldn’t have taken that long. But because my though is surrounded by what my wife is preparing in the kitchen, my compilation extended. Like the way we feel about s3x, our next meal is always on our head.

More money

We like it when people call us the “head of the family” and want to retain that title. This is why we look out to making more money than often, to be able to meet up with all the family expenses. No matter how much success you think we’ve made, it probably doesn’t measure up to our believe of not achieving much yet.

These are list of the things your husband is always thinking about, and I can only wish I have some super powers to figure out things women always think about too. This should be helpful for every husband who is willing to learn these things. I’d just need to bribe my wife with a kiss maybe she would share us.

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