before having a babyWhy won’t they want to tell you what to know before having a baby? They probably felt it is unnecessary for you to know at the moment maybe; thinking you will learn to figure out a way when the time comes. It is not that you really could get to know everything though, but there are still some basic things you need to be told. Things you need an extra moment in your busy days to figure out how to handle. No matter how much books you’ve read and how much advises you have gained from more experienced professionals in the field, yet, you need to expect a lot of surprises; things you never planned or could ever imagine would happen.

So, here are some secrets as regard what to know before having a baby.

Month 1 and 2 You are in Hell

Especially if you are the type who likes to sleep and eat a lot. You may not know this before now, but there is need I tell you before it’s too late. Hello, you are going to have a really sleepless night in the first few months after you welcome your first baby. Maybe you need to start practicing what it is like to wake up in the middle of the night to attend to a crying baby.

You must be ready to wash every 10 minutes

Unless if you want to have friends “hand-covering” their nose when they come around visiting. Babies poop a lot, and most of the time without any signal. Maybe you need to learn to wash from time to time before you start making babies so you wont have to beg neighbours for help when the time comes.

Your baby daddy suddenly becomes deaf all through the night

Don’t get carried away when they say men assists their wife on some certain things at home. It is good to see you rejoice at this, but be informed that their generosity don’t last beyond the evening; probably after dinner. Whatever you go through at night is strictly your business alone.

The noise from babies is alarming

The worse part of this is that nobody warns or prepare you for this situation. The noise could be sounds resulting from cough or midnight cry. At times, you will feel like you just imported a jungle full of roaring lions and located just behind your window, and you would wonder how such thick sounds could be coming from a little baby. You are going to experience strange behaviours from your child especially at night when everyone is at sleep. Strange behaviour like standing in the middle of the night and looking straight at you. If you are lucky to wake up and see him standing, don’t be scared. He is far asleep even while standing. Scary, right? – but you are just starting!

Making babies is not a day job

Were you thinking meeting with your husband once or twice is all it takes to make babies? I hope you won’t be in a hurry if after weeks, there was no signs of pregnancy. Babies aren’t made easily that way. Some women are able to conceive easily and on a single touch though, but not always the same for some. Patience is all you need. If you need to take charge of your fertility, then you need to give more time to actualize your plan.

You are going to talk – a lot!

You might not really have much to talk about if your kid is a gentle and quiet one. Just when the other is what you got, it’s cool. Difference is, you need to learn to admit even the wrong fact during argument with your little chap. He might drag you to a stage where you will be left with no choice than go on your kneels and beg him to stop talking.

Babies don’t need you to fill up their wardrobe

This may sound confusing but a fact that must remain is that babies don’t require much to wear. The speed at which little babies grow is amazing. So, just when you think of flooding their wardrobe with junky clothes, take a moment to think of their rapid growth in the next few month which apparently would render those clothes unfit.

However, the support of both parents are greatly required in cases where a child is born with some disabilities. This could be before or after they were born. In either cases, Cerebral Palsy Guide is a national support organization dedicated to educating individuals and families about cerebral palsy.

Nevertheless, it is worthy of note to also state that, what to know before having a baby is one thing – While the most important part is how to deal with these things you know whenever they appear.

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  2. Nice tips but nevertheless babies will always remain babies. Understanding how they act is can help parent cope with the situation..I cant wait to become a father someday…lol..just saying

  3. Baby daddy becomes suddenly becomes deaf all through the night?

    Were you talking about my husband? That was funny but you described him very perfectlyx

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