What’s The Best Age To Marry? The Responses From These People Will Surprise You


best age to marry 2The best age to marry is RIGHT NOW! As each day passes by, the right age to get married gets complicated more as others opinion and perspectives are quite different from yours. These differences vary across traditions, cultures, time and countries.

In some Africa countries, child marriage seems common with girls between the ages of 16 and above. This is entirely different from practices in other countries like the U.S which has an average age limit of 27 (normally) and around 21 in the 80s.

Results from numerous online researchers reveal different ages for marriage while giving great reasons to back each claim. One of these popular researchers, who also revealed some benefits of early marriage states that the best age to marry is 30. Another one says the best age to marry is in your early 20s in order to have a lasting marriage, while a recent one; with mathematical theory states 26 as the best time to start a family.

Again, what is the best marital age? – Marriage goes beyond a mathematical approach or theory. It revolves around love and understanding. There is absolutely no statistical guide covering the process of marriage which the world knows to be a lifetime bond.

So, we asked people when they consider the best age to marry and 8 of them gave priceless responses – Read below their contributions:

“Age is dispensable as long as I’m concerned. If you are ready; emotionally, intellectually, spiritually and otherwise, to live with human is an art, so you need to understand the art. Some guys look like men, but are boys mentally (therefore shall a man live his parents). You can be 22, but more matured than a 45 year old married man. For a lady, (he that findeth a wife – no age attached). So, if you know your stand with your maker, he would lead you on what to do. Though, the world says ’25 years for ladies because they are like flowers; tender, not durable” – Thomps Miracle (Male)

“No much time for a woman to waste being single. Women should get married at 19 while men should do the needful at 21” – Ifeanyi Ojure

“Marriage is not a matter of age. It is your readiness and maturity that counts. Marriage is not like a school you start and when you don’t like a certain teacher, you choose not to attend his/her class. Once the “till death do us part” vow has been made, you remain there till death!” – Awo Anokyewaa Kyei

“Marriage is not a convenient store where one can rush into and return unwanted items. It shouldn’t be about ‘age limit’, rather it is about finding the other person who’s willing to spend the rest of her/his entire life with you” – Feyisara Ajike

“Maturity – Be it 16 or 18, so long you are matured and ripe, you are good to go. Marriage is never by age. I have seeing a lady of 34 who still behaves like a 13 year old and she’s still single” – Morenike Sonia Odunuga

“For both male and female from ages 25 to 30 is the best; couple with your achievement” – Ujah Sunday Ojoarome

“For a man; 27 while 21 is the best age to marry for lady. However, the most important age for both to get married is ‘patience’. If you run into marriage, this same marriage will run out of you. Age means absolutely nothing in marriage” – Vitoesi Joshua

“Female; 25 and male 27 – 28” – Jennifa Nwosu

As gathered from the above poll, the majority was of the fact that ‘age’ has little or no concrete role to play in the context of marriage, but the readiness and maturity of the individual concerned.

Finally: What is The Best Age to Marry?

Read it first on Nawesabi that the most perfect and best age to get married is when you feel ready. This is the age when you are mostly sure of how you feel about your partner. If you sincerely feel you’re at a level of maturity (no faking) to get married, then you should never allow age be a barrier between you and your lover. Either you are in your early 20s, 26 or 30 are all but numbers! What matters is when you feel at ease to take this step. I, being an advocate of early marriage also found it deem fit to consider ones readiness, especially in the mind.

You are just too young to get married now – They always tell you. I was told this a couple of times too back in the years. These are mere opinions of people trying to convince you to buy their own theory of “right time to get married”. People say this often to belittle you of not ripe enough to get married. Little do they know that maturity and age are two different attributes.

However, this is not to conclude that two love-bird teenagers should head straight to marriage – NO. Maturity is to be allowed to play its natural part to ensure a lasting relationship in their newly started journey.

You are now getting older; what’s stopping you from getting married by now? – This is another example of what a dangerous comment might look like – They make you feel inferior. You are left to lose your self-esteem and as each day goes by, you feel there might be something wrong with you truly. You would say to yourself, “He might be right; I shouldn’t be single by now” Such comment can also cause one to jump into marriage without doing that ‘African kind of findings’ about your spouse-to-be. #winks.

People delay in getting married as a result of numerous factors which includes: waiting to find the right individual, waiting to be matured enough to handle marital responsibilities, delays due to special traditional or cultural factors among a few. But the most crucial factor to consider here is the one in your mind. You have the responsibility of choosing your partner based on your own specification. Once you have all it takes within, then you should give this union a chance to manifest irrespective of your current age – 21 or 40!

Be the judge over your own decision. People set their own standard for you when they say “this is the best age to marry”. Never allow other people’s opinions, idea and status to determine your future.

You’ve probably seen younger couples within your surroundings that live so happily. You can also attest to older couples who got married late than you think they should. But no matter how early or how soon, a happy marriage is a happy marriage.

Over to you: Tell us in the comment section – what are your takes on the right and best age to marry for both female and male?

Image: xliveafrica.com, debate.org

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  1. Wonderful article! When I was going to marry (I was 20 years old), many said that was early. That you still need to live freely. And now we have a happy family, and those who believed that it was too early to get married had already divorced.

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