It was a Monday morSalary Earners and Apprenticeshipning at work when a colleague of mine raised an argument as to which is better to an average man; Talent (being a God’s gift), compared to salary earners and apprenticeship. The basis of our argument was how most graduates tends to have difficult time securing a befitting work worth their standard. Among all instances raised as regard our argument, I was able to come up with advantages as well as the limitations attached to the three categories; Talentsalary earners and apprenticeship.


Talent is when you have a natural aptitude or skill; when you have something extraordinarily unique within. Now, join me to say congratulations to those who are blessed with one talent or the other. With a unique talent, you stand a better chance to make something big since you never learn what u do. You are always sure you can deliver whenever the need to showcase your talent comes up.

Talent, as compared to salary earners and apprenticeship has a wider ranged in term of advantage. An ordinary man with one talent will make his money without having to work extra hours. I have seen a man who made over a million in one day. You probably have forgotten but I will do you the favour of reminding you. How about our mighty superstars who charged even more for a 20-minute stage performance? Speaking of our numerous musicians and all – Talent!

Surprisingly enough, so many people have one talent or the other without even realizing it. I also wrote The Need To Re-Discover Yourself to help readers discover their real potentials. Though, I still wonder what the content of these stars’ would be like, if their banks would be kind enough to release their statement for us to see – cool, right?

I’m sure you have a few list of superstars crawling your head right now, especially that favourite artist of yours – I think about them once in a while too. Yes, they have made it. Their talent works and it’s just a matter of publicizing it (in some cases) and you definitely would make a living from it. I wouldn’t have to start listing names as this post is never meant for that. Besides, none of them have paid me to promote their work anyway. But at least, little credits should be given to their good works.

There is this musician though, who started singing a very long time ago. He shared his experience to a local newspaper lately how he started. How he always plead to show-organizers be featured on stage just to be recognized (even when he is willing to perform for free). He dropped a hit single few years later and ever since then, his name has been all around his home country and even beyond. Now, when you list top 10 of Nigerians doing great in the music industry today and you don’t have his name included, well…that is for that anyway. Looks like I got you thinking who that might be. Point is, with a God-given talent, you wouldn’t have to wait till a specific time to get those numerous needs of yours covered. That being an advantage over salary earners and apprenticeship. No man will have you “caged” and dictate your living (We will talk more about this later in this article). Let me also state that you have more friends as people would want to associate themselves with you.

You might want to ask now, if being a musician is the only path to climbing on to the success tree – Ofcos No! Even some of them hardly make ends meet. Those probably must be forcing it to happen. Didn’t it sound weird when you know some fellow could make money by just talking and cracking jokes! I wonder who came up with such discovery anyway (cracking jokes and making money from it). Usain Bolt is one brilliant example of a man who makes both a name and riches from running. As in, some did run races to make money and that’s a big one I’d say.

Few weeks back, I read on a friend’s blog where a popular fellow said he earlier worked as a bricklayer; certainly when he was doing someone else’s job. His story changed when he decided to take a step forward by enrolling in a talent search program and finally, he totally dropped bricklayer job for music. However, this article is not in any way a means to ‘rough-paint’ any profession as some bricklayers earn more than some bankers do – Yes I have proves please.


Salary Earners and ApprenticeshipI had a friend way back in secondary school. We ran into each other lately since we lost contact after our graduation. He decided to learn a skill that is currently putting food on his table right now. I was dumbfounded when I visited his shop. You see, there are some appearance u will see and need not be told to pass a judgment if the holder of such appearance is living beyond average or not. My friend had the “OK” look on actually.

Skill acquisition followed my rating. Still, you are your own boss and the more you practice, the more professional you become. Frankly, it pays more when you do your thing without external interference or some kind of supervision from a superior. People who acquire skills or learn a trade will always remain independent. The only authority you have is you. When you pronounce it, you get it done at your own convenient time.

Salary Earners

Salary Earners and Apprenticeship 3If I have to make this on stage as a speech, I will request security measures are in place to ensure my safety till I get home. This would definitely be to protect me from getting stoned. Have you ever considered yourself being caged? Maybe we take a parrot for example. By default, a parrot is supposed to be in the bush; flying around. Feeding and changing locations are decided by the bird itself whenever it deemed fit. Now, imagine a parrot in a small cage which prevents it from flying around. Sounds like when its freedom of flocking around with its kind and others in the bush is denied.

Maybe we should think of it in the perspective of “suspending own destiny” to help another man achieve his. Like, someone hired you to work for him then get paid at the end of the month with just about 1/99 of the total profit made. Some actually take loans and pay on installment basis for a  very long time. During this period however, you take all precautions to secure your job because you know you owe your employers. You can’t even resign when you get a better job UNLESS you are willing to clear your debts probably from another source. Now, isn’t that bondage?

Nevertheless, getting a salary job is far better off doing nothing ofcos, as more than average percentage fall into this category. But it sounds absurd when you have to wait to a specific time to get paid for a job you do everyday. Now, This equally translate to someone deciding your spending limit; when to eat and even when to wake etc. Being a graduate in the first place equates being learned. I believed we have acquired skills meant to be developed. All said and done, salary earners and apprenticeship, compared to when making use of talent are way different when it comes to advantage. Talent supersedes salary earners and apprenticeship in quite a number of ways which I assume I have being able to point out; just as I did to my colleagues at work.

What do you think?

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