Who Held Your Freedom To Ransom?


get total freedomWhat does it feel like to have and get total freedom in life? What if I decided to give a different title to this freedom post? Titles like “When Will You Gain Your Freedom” or a deeper one like “who the f*** got you caged?” Then it might interest the very few ones to know that I realized not everyone who thinks they are free really are.

“Liberty is always dangerous, but it is the safest thing we have” – Harry Emerson Fosdick

Say he got a huge mansion, drive a Ferrari with three other vehicles packed in the garage. I almost forgot the beautiful women too. Surprised I knew about them? – Well, I could be a bit nosy when there is need to get to the extreme root of any issue. So the other day, my Boss; Zeez decided to press further; tracing deep to the source of income of the above anonymous individual. Zeez’s intention was to learn or probably follow his path too, maybe he could get lucky to have a Ferrari and of cos; the girls – Smiles. The results he compiled were amazing! It is my pleasure to announce to you ladies and gentlemen that this fellow was actually on a million dollar loan; backing that up with a monthly earning from a peanut job – Lord have mercy!

But what is Freedom really like and how do you get total freedom?

It was a cool day on a Monday morning about 5:00am when you suddenly heard a sound from your bed. You felt so tired knowing it was the alarm of your phone that got you awake. You want to remain in bed but realized a letter of dismissal might be waiting at work if you try that. No alternative options than to get up, get dressed and zoom to work without wasting any more time – BONDAGE!

Nevertheless, while I don’t intend to promote being lazy, or putting a smile on the faces of some kick ass jacks with towels around their waist on an early morning, when they are expected to be at work. But facing the reality of things the way they were supposed to be, you took your time to get out of bed, say hello to the kids, take breakfast and all before driving to work. I don’t know about you but this sounds like freedom to me. You have the chance to balance between being a better parent to your kids and working out your duties at work conveniently too.

To get total freedom may mean different things to different people, it is important to split the meaning into being able to do or become something as well as being free from something. Confused? – Not too worry, here is what I mean. Let’s view freedom in a financial context for instance; you were battling with the settlement of a debt you owe a long time ago. How you pushed and succeed in paying up your debt is freedom to some. That’s from the view of being free from a debt which apparently represents the latter. Struggling to be or do something is when you strive to attain success with keen determination.

That being said, I like to channel your thought to a new direction; probably one which you are yet to know before now. Again, take a man who’s being in a debt bondage for quite some time and was able to pay up. Even at that, is getting out of all financial debts means having financial freedom? – No, nothing has changed. Why do we ride back into a fresh debt after getting out of an old one? – Simple. Our heart desires so many things that we can not do without. If the heart remains unchanged, then your behaviour remains too. The real source of all human behaviour and action is the heart and that is where to get total freedom, not when you are able to balance your debt books.

When you are able to make your own decisions and choices and they finally realize that you’ve suddenly got the power and right to act, speak or think the way you like; when you feel not being imprisoned or enslaved within like you used to, and you broke in to having an unchallenged privilege of access to anywhere is when you get total freedom.

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