Why Would Anyone Think Children Gives Joy When We Have Them?

why children gives joy

As much as keeping and managing Children seem to be the most challenging task ever, it is the same reason we want to have them.  In case you still wonder why children gives joy

why children gives joy

Children; When we have them, we say they give us joy, but that’s not what onlookers see.

What some folks around us see is people who have got themselves endless disturbance and harassment, bouts of anger and headaches, frequent exhaustion from repetitive instructing and crippling expenses. They see, perhaps, people who may not grow in their career or business.

Yet we yearn for them, children. We love to have them and ‘suffer’ thus for them.

The toddler ambles into the kitchen to fiddle with the gas knob. Waddles into the lavatory to stir the water in the WC with her bare hands. She tries to open every container that has fluid in the house. Feasts on her mother’s make-up. Pops her father’s smart phone into a bucket of water and worries that it doesn’t float.

The five-year-old wants to ride his new bicycle on top of the bed. He opens the TV remote to look for his own understanding of buttons. Slaps the home theater to come on. Writes essays on the cream leather of the sofa, spells the names of his classmates on the white wall and wants to use nail to write BOY on his father’s car.

What do we do? We keep freaking out, shouting one million no’s and don’t’s in 24 hours.

Yet we love to have them, children.

Because that very moment when they come to give us the flower they plucked from the hedge and say ‘Mummy, this is for you.

When they doodle ‘I love you daddy’ on a piece of paper torn from the new story book we just bought for them; when they draw big-headed creatures with spindly legs and label it ‘family’; when they giggle at mummy kissing daddy, it instantly pours bleach on our anger and headaches and even erases our other worries. Because… we live only for such moments.

Children, we love to have them

Credit: FB/Dr. Dave Okorafor

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