woman's duty to her husband
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Women of today needs clarifications of a woman’s duty to her husbands, their major roles in the home, and marriage as a whole. The level of understanding of some modern women has proven that, 7 out of 10 times in the home, a woman is aware of the right thing to do, but chooses not to. They feel that somehow, they will lose their freedom and other authorities they had in the marriage.

Understanding the foundation needed to maintain a happy home is crucial. The woman feels “why must I do this all the time? Isn’t this supposed to be handled by him?. What if I travelled out-of-town, would he still expect me to come get those things done?” This is a clear chances for intruders; those who does not wish well for your marriage. From these thought, comes confrontation which may not meet your husband in good mood. Next, it transformed into a heated argument and your marriage soon becomes a “once upon a time” thing. What is the duty of a woman to her husband, and what are the roles she is expected to voluntarily play at home?

The Role of a woman to her home

Most importantly, the overall marriage roles and responsibilities are expected to be shared by both partners. As of now, there is no commander-in-chief in marriage. All important decisions are jointly made, and none should be forced to do what he/she is not interested in. However, it is completely irrelevant if you would have to wait for your husband to handle his assigned role because you are done with yours. The role of a woman in the home is to do whatever has to be done.

Handling the chores and all should not be something to debate about. Most importantly, a woman should know that her role in this regard is mandatory. We can always view duties in marriage as husband’s responsibility to provide for the family, and the home and children upkeep be shared to the woman. The reverse is the case now, as even some women are the bread winners in the family. Some women has more financial strength than their husband, which makes the chores aspect difficult to handle for them. Still, fact must be respected.

A woman’s duty to her husband

A woman is to accept her husband for who he is. She is supposed to make her husband feel there is no need to find another like her. Make him feel important and never feel he would rather be anywhere else for a better treat than spend time with you. He should feel comfortable in your company, and not in the company of another woman out of the home.

A woman should be a helper to her husband. This signifies that women are designed to assist their husband achieve all he want. This, being an advantage to every woman, as whatever is being achieved would be beneficial to both in their marital journey. Knowing you are always there with a helping hand is one of a woman’s duty to her husband, which is also considered an important one.

A woman should be submissive to her husband. You probably have heard this before, and I bet most women don’t like to read this. What comes to the mind whenever the “submissive part”comes up is usually slavery. To them, it means being inferior to men. At some point, it could also lead to being taken for granted and abused, as “submission” is often translated to weakness by most men.

Nevertheless, he has a responsibility you must help him fulfil. He becomes complete when you submit voluntarily to his leadership. Men love it when their authority is respected without questioning. It is also important that individual responsibilities are voluntarily fulfilled without any force. After all, leadership is one of the key role your husband is expected to play in marriage, which must equally be respected.

A woman must respect her husband. There is a misconception for this to an ordinary woman in the 21st century. By respecting your husband, your opinions and ideas does not end in a trash-can. Respecting your husband only means you have to notice his reactions, understand it, and do all he wanted without having to talk you to doing them. When you respect you husband, you will treat his opinions as meaningful and with great values. Respecting your husband; as a connection to a woman’s role in marriage today, means appreciating his trust and commitment to you.

His sexual needs should he handled with great importance. Though, there is a whole lot more to show your love and commitment to your husband than sex, but a man’s perspective to love should be respected too. Truth is; one of the great needs of a man is sex. Scott Alden emphasizes on this fact in his article how it is extraordinarily difficult for a man to say no to guaranteed sex. A wife’s responsibility to her husband is to place her husband’s sexual needs on a high priority. This does not change who you are, and does not mean you have think about it all the time. It only means you respected his needs as much as yours. In fact, a real woman should reserve some strength to meet such “unquestionable need” of her husband.

Over to the readers, do you consider some work in the house exclusively for men, and others for women? Share your views in the comment section below.

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