women's involvement in decision-makingAs a distinct aspect of their autonomy, women’s involvement in decision-making is widely recognized as one capable of yielding reproductive behaviour. In this generation of ours, the duty of men and women is not fixed as compared to how they used to be in the past. Ultimately, women role in the family can not be under-emphasized. With great effectiveness, a woman perform the role of a wife, mother, sister and a friend to her husband. If not for any other reason, women should be given the opportunity to take active part in the decision-making of the family. With a woman playing the role of a wife, she has the sole responsibility of taking charge of the children welfare to a large extent as they grow up. These numerous duties arises with a view of women being a property to men.

General, decision-making in the family implies that more than one person’s opinion is required for a conclusion. The dramatic aspect however, is how men tend to agree without much havoc when a woman decided to contribute financially to the family. This is where a partial meaning of equality take it’s cause in the eye of a short-sighted individual.

Mother’s day was meant to celebrate all mothers in the world; to thank them for being through so many tough times while ensuring their children thrive among their peers. Some men also resorted in celebrating their wives along with mothers instead. The technique was to appreciate and also celebrate women generally, especially the ones that are more closer. Although, celebrating women doesn’t replace giving them the chance to act independently at home and beyond.

Factors that determine women’s involvement in decision-making

The effectiveness of women’s involvement in decision-making of the family can be earned naturally if both couples imbibe the spirit of understanding in their relationship. However, several other factors which are stated below can also determine the extent to which a woman opinion can be effective in the family.

  1. Women who has a personal means of income and those who work out of home were more likely to be giving a wide chance to take active part in the decision-making of a family than the stay at home women. Especially when such woman take active part in the financial aspect, any opinion from her would be respected atleast, if not taken.
  2. Some men who earns more than their wives are more likely to impose all authority in the process of making any decision for the family. This is where the head of the family role comes in. The million dollar worth question that comes to mind here is, what if the woman earns more? do we switch the head role to her or just allow normalcy to take its cause?
  3. Other variables like increase in formal education, skill and information level, reduction in gender differences in both political and social duties has increased the level of women participation in decision-making (generally).
  4. Depending on the situation being argued upon, women’s decision may be required as significant. While a woman may have considerable power to make decisions for the family as regard child-bearing and meals for instance, she might have little powers to decide the kind of friends she make, the member of family she visits among others. This only requires identifying the different field of power and examining them separately.

Decision making in the family shows that the man has greater economic resource advantage. Decisions on the financial affairs of the family is generally known to be a man’s role to play. In the event where a man has a professional work as the woman does, decisions are normally divided into the important ones (which a man must give), and the less important one (which is meant to be shared by both). A typical example is where a lot of important decisions like one regarding the financial aspect of the family is made by the man, while another about children’s education is determined and concluded by both. Home chores and decoration, food preparation and children’s clothe shopping is left for women to decide.

However, with a lot of changes in the family arrangement and structures of nowadays, women now assist financially. Officially now, men are not the only breadwinners of the family as widely known before.

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