10 Safe Strategies To Get Pregnant With Twins Naturally

having twins pregnancy 2

For several kinds of reasons, many couples want to conceive twins. They want to have adorable babies the whole world wants to spend time with.

having twins pregnancy

There is no guarantee about the procedures to follow in order to achieve this, but there are some natural working ways and methods to undergo which speedily increases your chances of getting pregnant with twins.

But I have to remind and warn you never to take any kind of supplements without your doctor’s prescription.

These include unapproved herbal concortions which have no trace or any after effect research.

For your information, some of these supplements and herbal products cause high/low blood pressure according to research.

As you may have known earlier before now, these products may not have undergone their proper test, which makes them prone to dangers when consumed.

On a regular level according to experts, below is a statistic that defines every woman’s chances of having multiples:

  • An average woman has a 3% chance of conceiving twins.
  • African women, statistically, have a higher chance of conceiving twins, while Asian women have a lower chance.
  • Identical twins can happen to anyone; fraternal twins usually run in the maternal side as hyper-ovulation often runs in families.
  • After having four or more babies, your chances of getting pregnant with twins increases.

Babies are beautiful. One of the reasons why a lot of people like to have twins is because of the natural love they command after their arrival.

How To Increase Your Chances Of Having Twins Pregnancy

Below are 10 safest ways which increase your chance of getting pregnant with twins;

Cassava. This should not remind you of the ‘big cassava’ song. This African variant of sweet potato is believed to cause hyperovulation, which in turn, increases your chance of having twins.

Age. Studies have proved that older women produce a higher amount of FSH (follicle stimulating hormone). FSH increases the chances of dropping multiple eggs.

A woman’s fertility rate drops as she gets older. So, waiting too long can also lower your chances of even getting pregnant at all.

Hereditary. If the woman’s side of the family has a history of multiples, there is a higher chance of her getting pregnant with twins. This is simply due to genetic hyperovulation.

Weight. The height and weight of a woman is also a great determinant of having twins. Women who are tall and are of higher weight ranges have a good chance of getting pregnant with twins.

Getting pregnant during breastfeeding. The chances of getting pregnant with twins are higher when you conceive while breastfeeding a baby.

The number of babies. When you have had lots of babies, your chances of having twins becomes higher. The more babies you’ve had, the more your chance s of falling pregnant with doubles.

Birth control removal. Your chances of dropping multiple eggs increase if you have been on hormonal birth control for a period of six months or longer and stop. After several cycles, your body gets adjusted to the changes, thereby giving you an edge to get pregnant with twins.

Pineapple Core. Pineapple core, which can be taken raw or in pill form, is said to contain the highest concentration of bromelain, which is supposed to increase the chances of implantation following ovulation.

It is also crucial to conduct your own research as it is also stated that excess consumption of pineapple core is associated with miscarriages and contractions.

Miscarriage. This is a terrible and sad occurrence for any parent, but it is believed that blessing follows after every unfortunate situation.

In as much as we never wish it happen to anyone, we, however, for information purposes, state that women are more exposed to getting pregnant with twins after a miscarriage.

Medical approach. Fertility drugs based on prescription and proper supervision from medical experts can increase your chances of having twins. Implantation of multiple eggs through IVF can also cause a rise and chance of getting pregnant with twins.

Nevertheless, we happened to believe (just like many others) that the overall planning can best be arranged by divine. Above are working suggestions if you are like me who want to be blessed with twins at all cost.

What other safe and natural methods do you know of, regarding how to get pregnant with twins?

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