11 Things I Wish My Dad Had Taught Me About Life

things i wish my dad taught me

things i wish my dad had taught meWe all have this great pictures of our dads irrespective of their status and location at the moment. I reach out to those who never had the chance to spend enough time with a male parent before circumstances forced them to say goodbye – You are still wonderful. Still, there are times we see dad as a complete trouble especially when he has to make some harsh corrections on things he believed we didn’t do right. However, he completely missed out on certain things which would have made growing up easier for a girl child like me.

Things I wish my dad had taught me when I was younger

That being a woman is fantastic

I always have a thought whenever I watch my mum walk around the house. To me, this same thought should be the same reason why Dad fell in love with her; I am sure. My mom was super sexy and intelligent. You can take that compliment as “beautiful” too, if the word sexy sounds dirty.
However, this would sounded great if coming from my dad. He must be able to describe how beautiful a woman could be, as well as the things she is capable of. Maybe that would have made me stronger than I am today.

That a man would promise you heaven just to get you to bed

As a growing child who never had plenty of time to share with dad due to school activities, mom would sit me down to tell me the wonders stored on a man’s tongue. These are great precautionary tips against men but I would have loved such tips to be coming from an actual male. I still wish he was able to tell me that a man would walk a thousand miles to get to the finish line by getting you to bed. Then, just like a chameleon, he would switch skin and put on the kind of face which explains nothing really happened.
Quote me as saying I never was a victim, and never would I be. That moment is far gone though, as I would rather and proudly show off my ring and my 3-year-old cute daughter. But if I could take my dad back to those days, I will probably make him tell me how sugar quoted a man’s tongue could be. Still, I don’t want to say my dad is one too – I have my reasons. He is never one of those boys who hang their trousers far below the waist. Dad would have best taught me that not all men are animals, but a large percentage of them can be very irresponsible with their sexuality.

That education is important too

Though the struggles and progress is still very active towards being educated, but I wish someone had told me this a long time ago, that the dumbest remark ever made by these people was ever saying that a woman’s education ends up in the kitchen! I would have being more sad not to have realized a woman can be so successful like my current minister of finance who coincidentally shared a name with me.

That Success is all I can ever show to keep my competitors mute

During my days in school, I wasn’t the type who picks up lot of friends. Other girls in class are great competitors on who rocks a shoe or hair better and those who doesn’t. Mom remains a woman afterall, so she also believed I might need to step up my styles to beat my classmates too. But what are jewelries, shoes and wearing brazilian hair compared to real success. Getting good grades and becoming a successful employer of labour or rocking a personally financed business would better shut those girls up for real. Only a man could sincerely point out facts and make a woman see that success is the greatest weapon to beat her competitors hands down. I was able to learn this along my journey in life. Though I still wish I had known this a long time ago.

That I am the most beautiful girl in the world

This has become a regular chorus in my head everyday and I don’t even want to believe I knew what it means anymore. Unless my husband is telling me this – it’s crappy. Rewinding back to 10 years ago, Dad could simply make me believe I am the most beautiful girl in the world before these boys start coming with the ringtones. I should know before now that taking charge of my low self-esteem would put me on the track of living my life the way I choose. As A. Ologundudu would have it in one of his great piece on having dominance over your low self-esteem, I never would have imagined that I have the power of choice to free myself from all experiences that caused me to look down on myself.

That being jack of all trades does not work for everyone

I remember drawing mom and dad when I was little, and how such creativity disappeared overnight still amazed me till date. Every individual possesses a unique talent which stands out amidst so many others with the same potential. Also, you might be good on stage with a fantastic voice, be the best when it comes to dancing or playing the football. But real success is when you realized which you are better at, and then build and maintain it.

That preys are everywhere, looking for young girls to devour

The news are everywhere about shameful acts from even older men to kids and young teens. I wouldn’t have believed this could happen ordinarily if not for the living confirmations everywhere. I was lucky to have never being a victim of sexual abuses of any kind; including a forced marriage, but I wish I was aware and I would have being more careful.

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  1. Thank u kemi i hope this will not just end here,but also in every home and a must read for every dad. I have somethings to tell and kids and even sisters too.


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