7 Strange But Normal Pregnancy Facts


pregnancy factsTwo out of ten times, you found yourself in a situation where u got home after working your strength out at work. The TV programs are annoying and you played a Nollywood movie out of the numerous CDs you’ve kept for some time. Nollywood would be in a better position to answer how they had to make a young girl look pregnant in a funny way in our home movies. To me, I’d say it looks like a couple of wrappers being fold together and tied to the character’s waist. I always doubt the authenticity of the whole messages in any movie if some pregnancy facts were omitted in this case. Fast forward to nine months, character’s uterus has now swell like a Christmas balloon. She now finds it difficult to move her legs unless being dragged to the car. Zoom! After two minutes of squeezing and screaming in the labour room, a baby looking all grown up cries out.


Some pregnancy facts were never communicated to the viewers. You might be lucky not to have stretch marks all over but be sure your boobs will get bigger over time. Pregnancy is far beyond having a swollen uterus. A lot of people will find it irritating when you start spitting all around like a hungry python. But there is more and more weird but real pregnancy facts that people just don’t want to talk about, not even Nollywood.

Pregnancy Facts

You will need more underwear

If you are a football lover and happened to be the type who gambles on live matches alot. Try imagine a situation where for instance, your club; which you placed a bet on, has got an upper lead till the 87th minute of a soccer match which usually used to be a 90 minutes game. Voila! the opponent equalizes. That sweat that comes from within at that moment. Yeah, exactly how you will sweat during pregnancy which requires you to have more underwear to change at least, twice a day.

Continuous dull pain in a part of your body

Don’t worry. This wont hurt as much as those rare occasions when you pull a flesh while trying to have you nails cut. Your pelvis will hurt though, and your feet too. You definitely know that pregnant women feet ache, right?. Enough about that now. If you can endure the pain while picking a pimple on your nose, you will pass.

Comments about your weight from people may not be a pleasant one

Get ready. If you have an extraordinarily protruding belly especially, chances are you will get some offensive comments about it. In this part of the world, grandmothers and that landlady which you might be suspecting of being a witch, all wants to know when you are due. Cite a date too far and you are pregnant with twins – Their translation anyway. If you answer with a date too soon, you have a very thin body which makes your pregnancy appears like a week old – Bullshit.
I just want to recommend telling them you ain’t pregnant. Just tell them you overfed!

Your boobs will be twice as normal

Yes – They will become bigger. In some cases, there might be pains all over them, and you don’t want to stress about packing them like you always do when on normal size. Considering flaunting them might just be the best for you. Your chance is now, when you can actually show the world you got it big you know. After delivery, you will only end up being a milk factory and nothing more.

You Skin tone will change

There is 90% chance you will experience a slight change in skin tone during pregnancy. This happens most of the time and to pregnant women.

Blood flow increases during pregnancy

There will be a large increase in blood flow to organs with requires little oxygen, the skin and the kidney. Your enlarging reproductive organs needed more blood flow on the increase of about 30-40% because the baby is fed by your blood supply.

Your Baby begins to urinate inside of you

From your fourth month and beyond, your little one will start to urinate inside of you. That sounds gross you’d say. But wait until I tell you that the little baby in your tommy will also drink his own urine.

Those are some really weird pregnancy facts unknown to you which i believe i have covered to a very large extent in this post. I love Nollywood no doubt, but maybe they should stop telling me how Mercy; the one who has Johnson has her last name would carry a baby in her womb for 15 months, where the longest pregnancy ever recorded was one which was carried for 375 days. And if you are like me who really sucks at maths, the calculation for that is about some more days beyond a year.

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