6 Most Darndest Things Ever Said By Kids


kids say the darndest thingsThe word “crazy” might best describe little kids at the time they started acting out and pulling some new pranks. Even when all facts in term of looks and total replica proved that kid runs the same blood as you; one out of 20 times – you sometimes get pissed and thought about running a DNA to confirm if the little kid was really yours. My kids are awesome and I love them to the bone. I could trade anything for their safety – Yes. Anything like suspending my dinner meal to an extra 10 minutes!
However, I really can’t vouch for them in the next moment when it comes to doing or saying some darndest things, but I am sure Tony Okungbowa knows better. By the way, where is our own version of Kids say the darndest things? Looks like the show had being discontinued of recent. Where is Tony? Please bring it back. We love kids say the darndest things!

So, I made a list of my weirdest moment with kids and some others which I am sure would get you all cracked up at the end.

1. Ray was only two; still battling with his mom boobs all day. Daddy insisted he stopped being breastfeed only when he voluntarily decided to give it up. I watched on a fateful day while he was having a good time with some milk. Surprisingly, he noticed I was watching. He came to me; dragged me from where I was sited to where mommy was. He held mom’s left boob with his left hand and tried to drag my neck to it with the other hand. Little Ray wasn’t really stingy I guess. Wants to share virtually everything with uncle. Perhaps, he has seeing daddy done this once or twice maybe.

2. My friend’s little boy was 4 years old at the time this post was made. We arrived from a viewing centre to watch our favourite club play. Getting home, we found his boy crushing on the sofa and doing some sexy moves. I shouted at him and inquired where he learnt that from. His response was the funny type. “Dad was always happy doing that to my mom


We aren’t going to deny him the right to live a happy life though, but not in this manner – Never! This is one of the results you get from co-sleeping with a grown up. I made my friend bought him a new TV set, furnished his room and sent him and other of his belongings there.

3. Curled from Tony’s version of Kids say the darndest things, a little boy replied positive when asked if he had a girlfriend. He went further to explain the duration of their relationship being 40 days. How on earth was he able to keep track of the exact number of days!

4. About kid intelligence, our daughter picked up a favourite breast when she was three months old. If my wife offers her the other, he declined at the taste of it and struggles to get her favourite. The only time we get lucky to feed her with the other breast would be when she’s slightly asleep. Still amazed where such a display of intelligence from a 3 month old kid came from.

5. Back to my own story way back too. I was so delusional about my own strength when I was a kid and while growing up. I was very sharp, powerful and troublesome, that I was able to beat up kids around and beyond my age. But, I was just 9! Something led me to challenge a girl of about 15 years old one day because I was so sure I could beat her as I grew more arrogant and full of myself on a daily basis.
Surprisingly and unbelievable, the tide turned all against me and I was thoroughly beaten – by a girl. What an embarrassment!

6. Little kids say the darndest things really – I watched a show in recent time where a little girl was asked how many kids she’d like to have when she get married as an adult. 40 was her response. I had to wait a week later for a recap of the program to confirm what I heard to be true. Sure, I heard it right.

That was the journey of some awkward moment I had as a growing kid. Part of it was also some pleasant moment with my loving kids and that of my friend. Have you got any crazily weird things you’ve heard a little kid say or do, and like to share with us too? Kindly use the comment box below.

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