Celebrating Valentine’s Day With An Uncommon Woman

celebrating valentine's day

celebrating valentine's dayI can’t stress enough how important it is to celebrate the special people in our lives on a day like Valentine. But while the love is flying around with gifts being exchanged, there is always a picture that needs to be encouraged in the guise of the celebration. Going beyond what the day is known for, we have failed to realize the need to channel attention to one very woman whose significance in our lives is inexplicable. Speaking of your better half who has been responsible for getting your underpants washed and making you appear to the outside world like a king.

Basically, celebrating valentine’s day should go beyond the fun aspect as most people still regard it to be. So, now that you’ve figured who deserved your time on this day, I bring to you a well-researched steps to make that day as wonderful and romantic moment all through – The kind of steps that would leave your partner begging to be celebrated every day.

How to celebrate her on Valentine’s Day

This should have being a total reverse but I don’t want to be too harsh. It’s all about love you know. I would have suggested you take up ALL the roles she handle on everyday basis. From washing and dressing up the kids to preparing breakfast and setting the dinning.

Below are few steps to appreciate your wife for being through it all with you.

Step 1

As early as 6:00am, you are going to wake the lazy YOU up; walk to the kitchen to start preparing breakfast. Before then, wake her up and offer that beautiful flower you bought last night. She definitely would hold on to it for a while, and that is what love really feels like. Walk her gently to the bathroom and – enough for step 1, she can handle the rest.

Step 2

It is your turn today to keep the house clean. Help her tidy up some things in the house especially the kitchen and toilet. You don’t want to stress her any bit after she’s taken her bath, right?

Step 3

Preparing her breakfast shouldn’t take much time. That should be ready before she’s done using the bathroom anyway. Again, walk her gently to the dining, which you must have already put in place. But I hope you don’t screw things up here since you aren’t even used to it.

Step 4

You are going to do a lot of walking, trust me. This moment should explain how romantic you are. Take her out just the way I believe you’ve done in the past when you both were still hiding under some Mango trees in the neighbourhood. The purpose is to make her feel special by doing unique and unexpected things. This excludes throwing her down from a 3-storey mansion please!

Step 5

Back home, you want to do some touching and all that. However, the “all that” might also mean what I believe we both understood. It’s okay if you both are in the mood but you should never make it a necessity on this day.

So, why do I have to celebrate her that much?

– Good question, but here are very few things you need to remember and consider if you can. Maybe before you are done reading, you can decide if your wife is worth celebrating on a lover’s day.

  1. She is keen to giving you the closest relationship that you ever needed; making it easy for you to have a shoulder to lean on whenever it seems the neck is bent to a coma. All she ever wanted is to make sure you are happy; keeping in mind the bonds that get you both together a while ago. Probably in the presence of family, friends and well-wishers.
  2. A woman who is responsible for the daily upkeep of the entire house and kids. You get a free kiss in the morning while she get all you needed ready in the bathroom as you prepare for work. Smiling to yourself as you walk majestically like a jungle king. Do I need to remind you that a kiss is scarce and costly these days? Big ups to our single brothers out there. They sure know how tough it is to get such affection even when they are ready to pay for it!
  3. Every night, she is up and running as she attend to your crying baby while you lie tirelessly on the bed with an eye slightly opened. She was able to sleep for a couple of hours and still the first to jump out of bed to get the kids ready for school. During this time, you were still down “fake-sleeping”. Who else deserves to be celebrated?

It is important to make the woman in your life special. Celebrating Valentine’s Day with your significant other brings the union even closer. This time, You owe her.

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