Assessment of Education In Nigeria: What Every Parent Needs To Know And Do

education assessment in Nigeria

assessment of education in nigeriaChild’s developmental stage is naturally significant in the course of human life, as such is the basis on which is founded the human life’s structure. This period notably determine those physical potentials, the preeminent virtues and intellectual capacity among other attributes, of many human individuals. However too, this is the manifestation period of our diverse penchant for life, and could also play a big part in our career path.

Developing countries’ situations could be pathetic. Nigeria for instance, is currently faced with arrays of challenges, part of which include the high rate of youth unemployment. As a matter of fact, majority of which are very graduate. These woes, which endlessly is being faulted on government’s misdoings is shielding the masses of their collective initiatives to redeem the country’s plights. Asides the need to adopting the culture of family planning, there suppose other palliative measure which the lot should be weighing to put their quandaries’ scale to a balance.

Unemployment notably is a common thorn which affects most Nigerians either directly or indirectly. In Nigeria today, most working class and or retired parents play host to redundant kin, not because they didn’t train them, but the mass competition for  the lacking space at the white collar offices.

Education is the key, so they’ve been told. Unfortunately, today’s reality has been often disclaiming so. Although there had once existed an era of the country’s history adjoining independence, which  only learned Nigerians were living an enviable life of luxury and reverence. This was an era in which an ordinary school certificate holder, would live to the envy of his/her neighbours, much more was the standard of those holding tertiary degree cert. In fact, this particular era had mostly influenced the masses’ mentality towards the Western education, as the country individual scrambled for it, or for family member(s). And by this, (education) culture becomes a quest even to the emerging set, as could be clearly seen today.

Whereas change is rapidly taking over the world in every front, as foregoing application hasn’t been as formerly effective. The seeming risk takers have been the ones breaking forth and taking over; making names and impacts in the face of the erstwhile degree holders. This is even more glaring in the Western world from which Nigerians had drawn its modern cultural template, as the lot could be seen as thriving more in the line of blue, green, grey and whatever colour is the job outside the white (collar job). As a matter of fact in Nigeria, some semi illiterate are already notable in various line of trade, notably the entertainment industry. Yet, our lot remained bent on the trade of our former era (of today’s leaders), who are even performing poorly in their duty discharge.

Although education remained ideal for every Nigerians, the civility it has brought to her community, may not necessitate every Nigerians reaching its tertiary level, or better still provide alternates for talent development. It’s perhaps not important that a child must attain the education summit to become a success in life.

But as unemployment situation has yet persisted (in the nation), it should instead become the older citizen’s collective responsibility, rather than finger-pointing their failing government.

Education in Nigeria – The way out

For ages now, Nigerians has beheld education as the benchmark for success and live in the fear of failure which otherwise had been made deemed. The nation had remained unchanging of their angle on education and success, even though the unfolding realities of the 21st century. This has pose rather weird to me, as though a kind of spell.

Most parents today, apart spending huge sum on their children schooling, will employ another home teacher to finish off the day for their child(ren). Some parent will go any mile to frustrate a child’s interest (outside education) at the child’s early stage. All these, largely due to their personal interest for such child to pursue a certain course.

Yet, human core is deep while destiny could be real. However, societal custom, sentiment and pressure have been massively influencing the masses’ pursuit, from the right and the just.

Reduce our country’s unemployed figure

To tackle youth redundancy could require we (adults’) future plan for the coming generation. Nigerian parents or the intending parents, should live beyond their fear of the unknown, and take outright courage as well as measures on a well calculated risk. Our lot should be radical and aggressive to initiate as possible platforms for that bright future, which we all desire for our children and or/ the coming generations.

Education remained essential, but the basic level of it could be just what a child would need, to venture greatly in his/her livelihood endeavour. Fortunately, nature has abound diverse ideas to the set of these younger ones, as could be clearly observed amongst this set. But the nation should believe that every child can make it, though out of propaganda education or its white collar career.

The early avenues for child upbringing should provide a neutral ground for cause manifestation as well as a fair assessment of such. Each child should be closely monitored with all sincerity, as individual’ inclination could be easily sighted, noted or traced during their growing days. This responsibility mostly lie in the part of individual parent / guidance as well as tutors, who are mostly close to these younger individuals. It’s clearly child’s obsession couldn’t be conceal by these innocent ones during this stage, as the childish period could be best ruled as the most expressive period of human life.

There should be avenues for training which will process the raw talents out of these young (human) resources. Notably during the weekend and the holiday period, a child could be encouraged into a befitting apprenticeship from where s/he get familiar, with his/her own livelihood option. What your child needs alongside are the how to read, count and write. From there on, it would not matter if such child will graduate or not from higher education, as such future is partially secured.

• Case study

Favourable outcome could be noted or observed of most educated or fairly educated Nigerians who had taking into a certain skill or business initiative during their schooling days. This could be said of people such as Orji Uzor Kalu, Femi Otedola, Don Jazzy, and Mrs Folorunsho Alakija (who is currently the second richest woman in Africa) among others. In fact, a story of a certain Nigerian Lady who took into auto mechanic apprenticeship as a part time handiwork while in primary school, has been really inspiring since becoming a success. More so, you will know of some mates who’ve taken a different route from office job, and are doing very well today in their line of business. Personally, I know of some mates today who would even reject any employment offer (outside of contract), because salary job can no more satisfy their personal (business) earning. While also, similar others who are known with one skill or the other could also be seen to have resorted to such, following their failure of landing a job by their uni cert. All these and more I know of, which you also know better.

Unfortunately, such hasn’t been the case for most others who had committed the best period of their only one life, under our so treasured (education) facility.

Furthermore, people in the developed countries could be clearly observed as very objective on education. Western people could be seen as rather dominant in the technical line, entertainment and sport, while only a reasonable number had chosen the summit; tertiary education. It could be also observed that their majority had engaged the career of their interest, which alongside had reduced their youth unemployed figure to the barest minimum or inexistence. Also, notable innovators such as Mark Zugerberg and Bill Gates (who innovated Facebook and Microsoft), Thomas Edison, Li Ka Shing, Henry Ford, Lionel Messi and a host number of others, had either drop out or didn’t attend the tertiary level of education.

Grant your child(ren) their rightful self fulfilment and lifelong happiness

Curbing the pathetic unemployment situation, is not even as spontaneously fundamental as human happiness. Humanity has the right to life and a delightful life venturing for her cause.

In Nigeria today, majority of those currently employed could be clearly observed as not as fulfilled with what they do (for a living) per se. One would sometimes wonder why someone so employed with good working conditions and payment package, would often lament over his/her outward lucrative job. Whereas, the fear of the lacking option is that rope that had kept tying the lot to their so loathed desk.

As a matter of fact, enlivening the right means of livelihood for a child, turns out as “just” the right thing to do.

• Case study

The account of a Nigerian lawyer turned entertainer could best narrate how most Nigerians (career) are being influenced by parent opinion. This particular guy, who is a son to a notable lawyer, could have also been cajoled by his parent to his earliest chosen career which was law. Rather, Falz today could be quite seen as much happier and functional in his personality which is music/ comedy. More so are the other account of most other Nigerian entertainers (such as Neato C), technicians and entrepreneurs, who now relishes in their originality, as against their former trade, or that which they’ll be landed with their school’ issuance.

Such could also be said some of our mates, relatives or close ones, whose successes seems  easy from what they currently do (for a living), as they do it effortlessly, passionately, or for a fun.

Perhaps, the talk of Nigerians doing what delights them looks rather secondary, as the job scarcity situation has being our (majority’s) point of concern. It’s been quite depressing most tertiary institution graduates are wasting off today, but a telling that the nation (parents and intending ones) should rise up and act accordingly, and save the coming future. In fact, the failed government and some neutral members of the society had been emphasising on the need for youths to be self employed, but the reality of today is most youths lack those required skills or the necessary business management capacity.

Are they to be blamed having been told highly of those stupendous opportunities inside education while equally being railroad untoward this lane?

“Education is the key” so they’ve been told, but today’s reality had painted such say a folklore tale. The future most graduates had beheld in education is yet to come true, making their lot reeling late in life of their lacking option. More unfortunate is the fact that this factor has been corrupting the youth moral core, as some unemployed graduates have now resorted to crime for a living (in order to survive).

But, our people should know education is not entirely what makes wealth and accomplishment. Rather, the requirement needed to enhance one’s raw potential. A number of great people in the world today had followed their dream and pursue their interests; in fact, dropping out of the education system while at it, writing their name in the patch of gold thereafter.

Again, cutting our country’s unemployed figure is not enough, but spurring our coming ones to their destined livelihood would bring out their best to reaching the stardom. And these coming set will live the happiest in the future time to come.

Author Bio:

Tobi-Tosin Olaboyede is a sociopolitics’ commentator who blogs at The Informant

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