How To Deal With Stress Through Five Simple Activities


how to deal with stressIn our time of hectic work and activities to making the most out of our time, it is hard to simply come up with theories to totally eradicate stress, but there are easy and working ways on how to deal with stress whenever it comes staring at our faces.

Stress kills!

That is no news to you. But while it is important that we attend to all or most important activities on a daily basis like going to school, work, meetings, seminars, parties etc, there also is the need to slow the pace down a moment with several activities for stress management. Did I even missed mentioning the rigours you go through before you go to work, at work, and the chores waiting to be attended to when you get back home?

The thought only weigh you down when you have it wrapped up in your mind. It is okay to get tired after getting engaged with tough activities, like those listed above. But below is how to deal with stress using 5 simple and normal activities.

How to deal with stress – 5 activities that helps to stay stress-free

1. Listen to music

Music is known to be a great way of relaxing the body and the mind. It helps cool down the tiring muscles that you have worked out during several chores. After the days work preferable, take a moment to sit and listen to soft musics. Take your mind off the next task on your list and focus on the melody for the time being. You will be amazed how strong you will feel as you start the next task.

2. Write

Because you don’t want to make mistakes as you write, this makes you to concentrate fully and relaxed. Start to write any stories that interest you like where you like to find yourself in the next couple of years. You can pen down some bad memories and try to proffer possible solutions to them too. This is just a plus to managing stress. As you write down things from your head, it opens you to different approaches to tackle your tough moments in life. Also, you might not even realize the skills that can be developed by you, through a paper and pen until that moment.

3. Workout

Engage in some safe deep breathing exercises to keep your mind and muscles steady. Breathing deeply is a strategy for stress reduction and can also help to cope with future stress when mastered. Lie on your back, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Repeating the process over for some time helps calm your body and reduce stress.

4. Reading amusing stories

During your free time, watch a funny movie and read stories from books or online. Having a good laugh through amusing stories helps you to stay happy and stress-free. Here is a list of humour articles that will help you stay relaxed.

5. Sleep

Sleep helps your body stay healthy and calm. It improves your memory, reduces stress and free you from depressions. So, take a cup of coffee, lie on your back and have some good sleep.

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