One of the reasons I like the stewed beans recipe (jollof beans) was how it goes along, and how it can be served with several others. I like to serve mine with bread, but it goes perfectly along with plantain, yam and rice too.

How do you make a great stewed beans recipe?


Soak your beans with water for few hours or better still, overnight. Drain and discard the water the next day. You can add few amount of water to rinse off again before starting your cooking.

With other necessary ingredients made available and in place, here are basically all you need to make a perfect recipe for stewed beans.

Required ingredients and items

stewed beans recipe 2

1. Beans; this could be white or brown. I like to use the brown beans.

2. Onions

3. Tomatoes and pepper (blended with onions)

4. Palm oil

5.Crayfish and/or fried fish (grounded)

Step (1)

After draining and discarding the water from your soaked beans, add it to the water on fire. Cover and allow to cook till it become soft. Free to add more water if not enough.

Note: Don’t allow your beans to be too soft or get to a stage where they start to burst.

Step (2)

Add your red oil in another pot and heat. Include your sliced onions, crayfish, dried fish and pepper. Fry the mixture for about 10 minutes.

Now, add your beans and stir. Cook all together for another 10-15 minutes. Meanwhile, don’t forget to stir so it won’t get burnt.

In just two steps, your stewed beans is ready to be served. As earlier mentioned, you can serve with bread (my style). Yam, fried plantain, rice and even gaari goes along with the stewed beans. But depending on how you want it, the fried plantain should be done separately and added to your already fried beans.

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