How To Give Your Wife A 5-Minute Happy Moment Everyday

making your wife happy

making your wife happyA home full of fun and exciting moment is considered a happy home, and there are several strategies to building one. A vital part is one that requires making your wife happy; which every modern man take seriously to maintain a happy home.

But what unique strategy can anyone offer as regards making your wife happy? Why should you settle for just five minutes out of a full day of 24 hours? Your partner deserves more than 5 minutes’ happiness per day, and it takes a loving-minded individual to realize that adding a little to “5” could spark up daily happiness in your marriage. Let us dig in to the 5 minutes analysis proper.

Making your wife happy in just five minutes per day

1. Not giving her everything she want

I want to start by saying that giving your wife everything she want may not always be the right way to go.


By now, you should start to see your marriage as an unending journey where both party’s happiness must be treated in utmost priority. Just like a thrift society where each member’s contribution must be shared equally or as per how much amount being contributed. Marriages go beyond that. If you are like most husbands who found the whole thing a little complex, but putting all efforts together to making the most out of your relationship, you realize that your happiness counts as much as hers. Since the party is not ending anytime soon, it is important to know that whatever happens affects both of you. Trying to satisfy her at the expense of your own convenience would only bring more damages than good.

2. Apply the marriage negotiation technique

Communication is important in every relationship. Spouses are to consider each other’s opinion when a decision is about to be made. You shouldn’t for the sake of being referred to a nice guy inconvenient yourself. Whatever happens in your marriage is here to stay for a long time, and it is only wise to ensure that whatever you do to make your wife happy, must also put a smile on your face as well.

3. What do you appreciate about her?

Five minutes is a long time to talk about the things you appreciate about her, and the things you will like to see her do over again. Women like to be appreciated for the very little things they do, either in the home, or the ones they do to make their husband happy. Show appreciation for those little things for at least, five minutes of your time everyday.

4. Confuse her with a text message or mail

Last night, you didn’t have to save the last cup of my favourite juice till I got back from work, but you did, and I drank it. This is another reason why I love you like crazy!

I sent the above text from the kitchen while she was receiving a call in the sitting room. Actually, it took me less than 5 minutes to type that text.

Like to know what she did when she read it?

I won myself a kiss!

She came to the kitchen, wrapped herself around me and kissed me. The look on her face tells it all – so priceless. She was happy. I achieved that in less than five minutes, and I bet you can do the same.

5. Sacrifice 5 minutes before you have s3x

A common and annoying scene I always see in Nollywood movies are like..

“Oh, you are so hot”.

Then, he start to kiss. Before you know it, there is a black scene (but what are they covering?). Next, you see couples dressing up. Those kind of view denials are often very painful if you are like me, honestly.

The right way to go, is by not rushing things up. Observe a five-minute sweet talk and describe her in few sentences. How much you love her everyday, how she took your breath away (you won’t lose your breath, don’t worry). Grab her gently, passionately. Like, you know. Carry her like you would a little baby to bed. Whatever drama that unfolds between you too, should be kept secret like a Nollywood black scene. Do I even need to tell you that?

6. Surprise her with gift

I like to find out the things my wife likes through conversations without her realizing it. I was able to figure out a device she love so much when I told her how much I dislike a particular one that doesn’t have a feature I want.

“This one is all you needed, as it possesses all those features you want. It’s a nice device I love so much and I bet you would too”, she replied.

The next day and within five minutes, I got her that device. You are free to imagine what happens when I presented it to her.


If you have to dump your own pleasure, all because you want to make you wife happy would leave you frustrated. You are likely to give up along the way when it gets tougher, and you could not sustain it anymore. Meet her needs in your own possible way, and don’t try to force yourself to make her happy. Consider yourself lucky if you are generous like few husbands out there. If you are not, learn to become one here.

With the 6 points listed above when merged all together, and considering the several ways to make such impacts, you will realize the time frame required to making your wife happy may not always be a 5-minutes process anyway.

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