9 Reasons Your Thought About Not Having Children Yet Are The Most Stupid!

not having children

not having children 2Still contemplating on when to start having children? That’s perfect! But it might as well interest you to know that having 30 BILLION NAIRA in the bank like the O.B.O boss is NOTHING compared to having a child. So, if you are among those who feel the necessity of getting a huge amount in possession before having children, then you must be sharing the same similarities with the witches in my village who are fond of fetching water with a huge basket for my sake!

FACT is, there are so many things about children and their attitude that no creature on earth can prepare you for; things like how stupid kids can be, as well as how annoying kids are.

You’ll hear couples lament about having too few, not having a boy or a girl. I have seen similar cases of such, though, yet to come across any who goes like, “I wish I never had a kid.

A very regular one I have heard every day of my life is when they have to live with regrets not to have got married early enough, so they could start having children earlier. Almost every time, I have believed that those who refused to take responsibilities of raising a child are those who would make the best parents!

Let’s talk about the so-many weird reasons you must have had for not having children before now, shall we?

1. I hate children

The reality is that you DON’T HATE KIDS – You only hate OTHER PEOPLE’S KID. The good news, however, is that we all do – somehow. I mean, we can’t get to ignore things other people’s kids do that angers us the same way we overlook shits from our own kid – No! So, you only hate other people’s children because they don’t look or take after you. When you have a similar version of you, your own child, then I can bet with the President of my country that your thought about not having children yet will change instantly!

2. It’s expensive to raise a child

Everything else is expensive. Raising a kid is as expensive as you want it to be. Depending on how loaded you are, you can spend $5 on an outing with your partner or decide to splash as much as $20 on the same outing. If you are thinking about kids maintenance being too expensive, pampers won’t cost you a fortune, neither would clothes, toys, and other necessary baby items. Good news is, these kids don’t even care if you raise them in an uncompleted building, so you don’t even have an excuse.

3. Diapers? WDF if that?

One of the weird reasons you don’t want to have kids now is because you cannot see yourself cleaning a mess from a diaper. That’s cool. But unless you don’t usually wipe your own ass, you would know it’s almost the same process. The only difference is because you are about to start doing it to someone else (with a much smaller b.utt) – your own baby. You’ll be amazed how changing diapers can be much fun like pressing a phone keypad.

4. I can barely feed myself

That is one among the million popular reasons many people have decided to remain naturally ‘barren’. If your reason for not having a child yet revolves around “not having enough money”, then it is as baseless as the overall sentence itself. The reality is that having a baby gives you the strength to work harder, as you will not be able to ignore a crying hungry child. You will certainly develop into a strong personality who wants to succeed come what may.

5. The world is overpopulated already

Ours is one of the best nations in the world and if anyone should feel great about having a child right now, then it’s you. You know, having your own kid is not going to fall the sky or cause a global warming. In fact, it wouldn’t make such a noticeable difference no matter how much you broadcast it to the public. Adorable kittens and puppies are being produced every day and surviving – that is some motivation. But the good or bad news is that, if you don’t produce a child, someone else will.

6. I never get the best of care from my parents, I don’t want same for my children

Unless you are getting some weekly salary for doing the world this great favour for not wanting to pollute the environment with more kids, then you need to sit and re-think. Aren’t you supposed to be thinking about being a failed youth due to your incapability of not being able to get a befitting life for yourself? That is a hard truth and I really don’t have a better way of saying it – sorry. But if you think you are not old enough to marry or have a child, this part is not for you.

7. Nothing appeals to me about babies

You are wrong. Apart from eating good foods, working out your body and getting great shapes, prove me wrong in the comment section if any of these two supersedes the joy from the smell and refreshments from the breath of a baby.

8. Not having children is no big deal after all

I know you like history so much. If you don’t, you must have read a couple of books that talk about the world war and all. Some movie producers even converted the stories into your TV screen for easy access. I appreciate them all for your sake. The quick question for you is, are you about to throw all that into the trash? You mean, the sacrifices of your generation, the struggles towards surviving those turbulent time to make and keep you alive till now will end on you? You definitely want to tell me IT’S A BIG DEAL when you’re done thinking about these.

9. I’m not ready

I have heard this quite a number of times and it seems more like a ringtone now. There’s something called menopause and I believe you understand its meaning. But then, let’s talk about that some other time.

Let’s give thanks to your parents who brought you into the world. However, you agree your reasons for not having children yet is the most stupid before now. We surely would love to feature you as a great parent when you qualify… someday.

Image: BabyCentre

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